Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Wolfie-Sunday

Happy birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Tales all Mozart weekend continues with two beautiful serene chamber music pieces by the great classical composer that are appropriate for a Sunday. One of the pieces has been on this blog more than once. As I am author of the Tales, it will continue to be on many more times in the future as it is one of my favorite pieces of music-one of the most beautiful soothing pieces of music you will ever hear: the Adagio of Mozart's Gran Partita ["Serenade in B flat Major"].

Another light, soothing  chamber music piece to conclude the all Mozart weekend on the "Tales" is his Trio in E flat Major for clarinet, viola and piano.

Anyone in need of some soothing "take your worry away" music to ease your mind, you've come to the right place.

Turn up the volume and enjoy Mozart's birthday with these beauties.

W.A. Mozart: Serenade in B flat Major, "Gran Partita", Movement 3, Adagio:

W.A. Mozart: Trio in E flat Major for clarinet, viola and piano, Movement 3, Rondo, Allegretto:

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