Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good Guys With Guns Stopping Bad Guys With Guns

Wayne LaPierre, executive vice-president of the NRA, was castigated brutally by the main stream media and liberals everywhere for suggesting one of the possible ways to stop the evil that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School from happening again was to have armed guards protecting all the schools. He said "the way to stop bad guys with guns was with good guys with guns."
Let's see what has happened since the terror at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns:

Liberals, it's not the guns-it's the bad guys who have guns that need to be dealt with. Here you have two heroes who stopped disasters of bad guys with guns, because they were good guys with guns.  You didn't hear about a massacre shooting at the movie theater in the above video because there was a good guy with a gun.   I say, thank God for that.

Here is another situation, this time a bad guy with a knife, that shows the effectiveness of a good guy [girl] with a gun.  This happened on New Years Eve  [just before New Years Day 2012].  What I think is hilarious about this is the praise this lady got from the liberal main stream media [specifically George Stephanopoulis and Robin Roberts].  You have to wonder if they would have even shown this if it had happened this recent New Years Eve.  I guess Senator Diane Feinstein thinks that making this lady register her weapons and be finger printed will stop another Sandy Hook.  The curious mind of a liberal.


Anonymous said...

But the President signed armed guards for life bill. Sounds like a dictator to me. Evil always wants to snub out Good.

Krissy in ATX

Unknown said...

agree with ya MB!

Big Mike said...

Yes Krissy! Thank you!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Jill!!