Monday, January 7, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Deal Has Dems Confirm-Bush Was Right

On the recent fiscal cliff deal, I was very upset that this deal only dealt with taxes and did nothing about the real problem of the fiscal cliff, spending. After further reflection, this deal turned out to be a big win for Republicans.

On the tax issue alone let's look at what just happened (in light of the recent post from the Tales- "Hugh Hewitt On The Fiscal Cliff and Debt Ceiling.").  In that post there is audio of Hugh Hewitt's interview with Senator Mitch McConnell [the GOP leader].    Senator McConnell made a brilliant point that many of us [conservatives upset with the deal] overlooked.  The congress had just passed a law that permanently confirmed the President George W Bush tax cuts for 99% of American taxpayers.  Think about that. President Bush's tax cuts were detested by the liberal Democrats. According to almost every Democrat they were only tax cuts on president Bush's buddies, the rich. Everyone can remember the venom coming out of the mouth's of Democrats over the Bush tax cuts [especially this current president of the United States]. They were blamed for every fiscal problem the United States faced.  In president Obama's first term, he never took responsibility for any economic problem that was occurring under his watch. Every problem was Bush's fault-specifically it was Bush's fault because of his tax cuts that only favored the rich.

In light of all that, what did the Democrats just pass and the president just sign.  He signed a bill that made those hated Bush tax cuts [that Democrats said only were for the rich] permanent for 99% of the American people. Do you realize that for Democrats that had to be upsetting to their entire core to have to vote for that. What this deal proved was that President Bush was right all along.  The overwhelming Bush tax cuts were for 99% of the American people-the middle class-the poor and that has just been confirmed by the Democrats.

To make the Bush tax cuts permanent also takes this issue off the table in these next critical talks on extending the debt ceiling, sequestration cuts, and funding the government. Now it is all about spending cuts, entitlement reform, and tax simplification.  Also, how can president Obama demagogue in the future the Bush tax cuts "for the rich" when he just signed a bill that made those cuts permanent for the overwhelming majority of the American people?  He may try, but now it will be laughably obvious demagoguery to a majority of the American people, even Democrats.

Yes, this fiscal cliff deal was a big victory-a victory for the GOP.  It also confirmed that President George W Bush was right!

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