Monday, January 28, 2013

Conservatives Must Never Give Up

Conservative Republicans have been stunned, saddened and depressed by recent events, beginning with the re-election of the president through his inauguration address. The secular progressives not only have won, but they [this president and his supporters] are continuing their left wing assault in an arrogant, in your face manner. Talk about someone being a sore loser, these people are ungracious winners.

We were really disheartened by the re-election of such a failed president with such a liberal agenda [that has almost always in the past been dismissed by the American people].  President Obama was able to accomplish this with the help of the mainstream media, who created an 'Alice in Wonderland' picture to the American people, where every bad economic condition was good, every foreign policy disaster was a triumph, every scandal in which Americans were killed ["fast and furious"-"Benghazi"] were ignored and even worse the media used those against any Republican who dared to speak out about them . That probably was the most disheartening thing of all to conservatives. While we put everything we had into this election, the 'Barack Obama spokesman' main stream media prevailed in their deceit and cover-up. The reason that is so discouraging is because the main stream media will always be against us, and we start to think, how can we ever win in the future?  Sean Hannity is fond of saying the main stream media died many years ago.  Oh, how I wish it was so, Sean.  This election proved they are alive and well and will be energized by their defeat of the GOP. The mask has been off the main stream media since president Obama's first run for president. The liberal media has no shame and now have become so bold that they make no pretense of their liberal Democrat advocacy. The media will become even greater advocates and more in your face in the future because of their success in this election.

The inauguration was another slap in the face at Republicans. Even the most ardent pundits of this president admit that the president's inauguration address was anything but a bi partisan address to unite the country.  It was a full-throated liberal agenda that was full of president Obama's usual straw men scenarios that painted Republicans of not caring about the poor or elderly, etc. The Speaker of the House, John Boehner was correct in saying this address shows that president Obama doesn't just want to win elections over the Republicans, he wants to destroy the Republican party forever.

Also, saddening to conservatives is how this administration has seemed to have gotten away with the scandals of "Fast and Furious" and "Benghazi."  Brave patriotic Americans have been killed and it seems as if the American people really don't give a damn. Because these terrible events happened during Barack Obama's presidency [in which incompetence and cover-up was abound] they must be ignored, the American people seem to be saying.  I guess we're supposed to ignore these scandals because to bring them to light would impugn the first black president of the United States-and 'that would be racist' to do that.

In light of the results of the election, an election in which many conservative Republicans gave everything they had to elect Mitt Romney, a lot of conservatives have said they are giving up and will just ignore the political scene.  As Bill Bennett related on his morning radio show, many disheartened conservatives have told him they will just forget about politics turn on their classical music and live their lives the best they can as they think it is futile to try and change things.  I admit, the night of the election when the results were clear, I was one of those that became so depressed, for a fleeting moment I said to myself, 'what the hell-it's over- we've lost the country and there is nothing we can do about it'.

Time has a way of healing all feelings of futility and now, especially after this divider in chief has laid out his progressive agenda for the world to see and also remembering about great Americans, border patrol agent Brian Terry and the Benghazi four, I say 'hell no!'  This  American will not just lay down and let this president "transform" America into a country we can no longer be proud of.  Paraphrasing the words of Churchill we should [politically] fight them everywhere and never surrender to the leftist progressives, never, never, never.

All patriotic Americans must stand up and take back our country, beginning in 2014 [when with local elections the main stream media cannot have the influence of the electorate as they do in national elections] where we can add to the majority in the house and take back the senate.   Then in 2016, we can, with a candidate who can bypass the main stream media with a clear conservative, traditional family message that will appeal to a majority of Americans, win back the presidency and begin the turn around in restoring this great exceptional country to its rightful place.  We can, and we will win again...and sooner than you think.

So, I plead with all conservatives, let us not give in to defeat by withdrawing  but work even harder to make sure our great country remains the beacon of freedom for all people of the world.  Let us do it for our children and grand children, let us do it for our country, and let us especially do it for them

Arlington National Cemetery


bradley said...

Great positive outlook with beautiful ending,though i'm more negative than you because i feel that the electorate will never vote for someone who wants to do responsible entitlement reform (don't take away my free toys)and the AARP seems to be against any medicare reform (eg copays, higher deductibles that are means tested) and there is an underlying anti-buisness, anti-success, anti-wealthy resentful sentiment induced by this liberal agenda--- i pray you are correct about the 2014 congress elections!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Big Mike. Through the Looking Glass is right! Conservatives must, will, get back in the game. I think sooner rather than later. Remember 2009? Suddenly the Tea Party. What will be the trigger this time?


Big Mike said...

Keep the faith brother- we will prevail!

Big Mike said...

It will be something we may not even know about yet but it will happen!!! Thanks big servative.

Anonymous said...

ThankYou Big Mike for encouraging words.

Krissy in ATX

PS. John Hagee (Christians United for Israel)will join 400 in DC to speak to ALL the Senators to encourage them a NO vote on Chuck Hagel Tuesday 29 Jan. That's some good news on being pro-active. Say a prayer for Pastor Hagee. Hagel would be disaster for Israel. :-(

Krissy in ATX

Krissy in

Big Mike said...

Amen Krissy-- God Bless Pastor Hagee!

Joel said...

Yes, I will try to be positive, but I, too, worry like Brad about the culture of entitlements that has seemed to become more entrenched. The electorate has heard nothing but a drumbeat of class warfare and demonization of the rich during the past 4 years. It will continue. You are right; we can't be passive. Thank you for reminding us, and we need to fight on!

Big Mike said...

Joel you and Brad are correct to worry about future. Even with the MSM's help, it still is mind boggling that the American people actually re-elected this guy. Plenty to worry about in that regard- that the takers will ignore even the most convincing argument of a plan to help this country. I have to remain hopeful and never give up- as at the end of the article showed too many heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice for us not to fight to keep this country great. Thanks for your thoughtful comments Joel!!