Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Colin Powell's Selective Outrage

One of the men who I used to admire more than anyone else and whose words I listened to with great anticipation was General Colin Powell.   Not any more.  Not since General Powell abandoned his good friend, John McCain to publicly support Barack Obama in his first presidential campaign.  Not since, with all of the evidence from four years of the incompetence of Barack Obama, Colin Powell announced his support for the re-election of president Obama and in doing so said his party [the GOP] was too extreme and intolerant [after they nominated the most moderate of all their nominees, Mitt Romney]. And certainly not since Colin Powell's recent appearance on Meet the Press.

Colin Powell was on Meet the Press this last Sunday and his one job, which he did well, was obviously to bash the Republican Party and support president Obama in everything he has done. Since Barack Obama first ran for president in 2008, General Colin Powell seems to have thrown his common sense overboard.

On this show Powell announced his support of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense saying Hagel was a great supporter of Israel. Oh, really Colin?  When, surprisingly, David Gregory read some of Hagel's anti Israel rhetoric and positions, Powell all of a sudden had brain freeze not remembering any of those comments-but he was sure Hagel would have good explanations for those comments [when put in their proper context].  Gregory then asked General Powell about Hagel using the term "The Jewish lobby".  Colin Powell was more upset that people would bring up that Hagel had said that, than about Hagel using that phrase. Powell said for someone to try and "smear" the good man Hagel for a one time comment that might have been made when he was tired was outrageous. 

Immediately following his defending Hagel for using the term "The Jewish lobby" Powell turned to the so called intolerance shown by the GOP and their bashing of Obama during the campaign.  He said, "one governor used the term "shuckin' and jivin' in reference to Obama" ..then said that is a term that was used during slavery.  He also said another governor said Obama seemed lazy in preparation of his first debate against Romney.  Powell amazingly said the word lazy when used in reference to an African American was code word for shiftless...then he said it is usually followed by another word [I guess he meant the N word.]

Can you believe that?  Colin Powell dismissed out of hand Hagel's use of the anti Semitic phrase the "Jewish lobby" because he only heard him say it once.  But he disparages all of the Republican party for two phrases uttered by two individuals during the campaign [who also said it only once].

Powell calls the GOP intolerant because of those two statements by two individuals during the presidential campaign...but said nothing about the names Romney was called by Obama and his surrogates during the campaign.

I didn't hear any insight from Colin Powell about what Democrats and the Obama administration meant when they called Romney a liar, accused him of killing a woman, implied Romney was a felon, accused Romney of waging a war on woman, said Romney only cared about helping his friends, the evil wealthy, and when the vice president of the United States told an audience of mostly African Americans that Romney "wants to put y'all back in chains".   What, Colin Powell?...speak up...I CAN'T HEAR YOU.   General Powell your silence on the hate words of the left is deafening.  But I'm sure those "loving" comments from the Obama administration about Romney were taken out of context, right Colin Powell?

General Powell, this so called intolerant party was the one who gave you great opportunity and high honor by nominating you for National Security Advisor [president Ronald Reagan]; named you Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [president George H W Bush] and Secretary of State [president George W Bush]. You show the same loyalty to this party that you showed to your good friend John McCain-none.

General Powell, for a man who is an American hero and who gave great service to your country, your selective outrage disgusts me.   Oh, oh...will you find that some code meaning by me because I used the word disgusts in describing the words of a black man.  Will you call me a racist?

There are some men who, just by their actions or words, can grow right before your eyes.  Mister Powell by your words on Meet the Press you have greatly diminished yourself right before my eyes. I do not say that with pleasure but with sadness.


Bassinator said...

exactly. Where's the outrage against Biden?!

Big Mike said...

There's just silence in regards to the Dems hate speech.
Thanks Bassinator!

Anonymous said...

brilliantly and accurately stated michael. as usual, you continue to grow with your words.

Big Mike said...

Thanks friend!