Thursday, December 13, 2012

This May Be The GOP's Best Move Now

Speaker John Boehner, let's cut out all the pretense.  Every conservative is resigned to the fact that you are going to capitulate to the president in raising the income tax rates for the higher rates. We also know there will be no meaningful spending cuts and no entitlement reform agreed to [only some kind of nebulous promise about talking about doing something in the future].  So, let's stop this charade. You are not fooling anyone, especially the conservatives who support you.

Since this will happen and everyone knows it will happen, Tales is making a suggestion for you to do that which will do the least damage to the people and our country.  What Tales will suggest can also be used to begin to take the offensive against the president and use their language to defeat them.  Before I make the suggestion, let's look at the words the president and all liberals are using to increase the taxes on the upper brackets.  They say over and over and over again: "We want to extend the tax cuts for the middle income people, but the millionaires and billionaires should contribute just a little more."   Not concentrating on how the word contribute is so offensive [as the honest phrase would say that the government wants to confiscate a little more] look at how they describe the people in the top two rates-millionaires and billionaires. Every time you see a liberal Democrat they are talking about the millionaires and billionaires.  But president Obama doesn't want to increase the taxes on just the millionaires and billionaires.  He is demanding that Republicans agree to [as just a start] increase the taxes for those making $250,000 and more. He says if the Republicans don't agree to those increases in taxes for those making more than $250,000 he would let the country go over the so called "fiscal cliff".

Here is my suggestion. Pass a bill out of the House called the "Middle Class Tax Cut Extension bill" that extends the Bush tax rates for everyone making under $1,000,000.   That does two things. It allows the GOP to take the initiative and be on offense in the debate.  And it allows conservative Republicans to take control of the language [about who the middle class is] and the debate, and it forces the Democrats to either accept a "middle class" tax cut extension or vote against it.  It puts the onus on the Democrats.  Boehner could say, Okay Mr. president, you said you wanted the millionaires and billionaires to pay a little more, and we will go along with that [since that is what you are going to do anyway] and are passing this bill that will allow the tax rates to increase on those "millionaires and billionaires", but at the same time we are keeping the lower tax rates for those who are middle class [i.e., not millionaires and billionaires]. Now Mr. President convince your fellow Democrats to support this middle class tax cut for everyone who is not a millionaire or billionaire.

Then have all the Republicans who go on the Sunday talk shows to use the words that 'we are agreeing to go along with the president by allowing the taxes on the millionaires and billionaires to increase, but we want to make sure that all those who are not millionaires and billionaires don't have their tax rates increased'. Also, have ever GOP say on those shows 'I don't know why the Democrats don't want to pass the Middle Class Tax Cut Extension bill'.

We must beat the liberals at their own game by taking control of the language and use it against them.  I don't want the tax rates to increase on anyone, but as plain as the nose on my face it is obvious Boehner will allow this to happen. So, because it is inevitable, I think making sure that tax increases do not extend to anyone under $1,000,000 is the least that Speaker Boehner can do.  As I said, it also allows the Republicans to finally take control of the conversation. I think the American people will have high support for this proposal. [Of course, I also thought there was no way the American people would re-elect Barack Obama, so what do I know?]

Please Speaker Boehner, pass the Middle Class Tax Cut Extension bill for everyone who makes under $1,000,000 now and put the ball in the Dems court.  Then move on to what is really important to reduce the deficit and debt by finding spending cuts [non military-that are essential to the national security of this country], tax reform, and entitlement reform.


bradley said...

Brilliant thought, whatever happens, liberal msm and Obama will blame republicans for anything that goes wrong with economy, will blame republicans for any entitlement cuts, and the American public has shown it is dumb enough to kneel down to king Obama !

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad!

Anonymous said...

Excellant points and when the ACA really kicks in and costs are passed on there has to be a real push to distance ourselves from the ACA those cost increases.

Big Mike said...

Yep exactly. Thanks for your comments!!

Anonymous said...

Great points, Big Mike.

The thing is, ObamaCare's taxe hikes will swallow up just about any take cut extension. Let the Democrats own this weak recovery/possible double dip recession. They want to ruin the middle class; no reason for Republicans to be complicit in the crime as well.

Big Mike said...

Exactly King!! Thank you!