Monday, December 31, 2012

Rep Hoyer's Second Gun Reference Inexcusable

In July of 2011 Rep Steny Hoyer, D-MD on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show told America [or at least the dozen people that watch MSNBC] that the GOP wanted to shoot President Obama.

I don't remember any criticism from any left wing group or the Democrat party or the Mister "We need civil discourse" president of the United States.   Of course, that reveals what we have all known about the sickening double standard hypocrite preaching liberal Democrats. Civil discourse and discouraging hate speech only applies to conservatives. 

Let's be more than generous and give Rep Hoyer the benefit of the doubt and say that was only strike one-that he made a slip of the tongue and didn't really mean it.  Okay, but now this latest hate speech by Rep Hoyer is not excusable. In the light of the recent horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT this following idiotic statement by Rep Hoyer deserves two strikes.  He actually said that the GOP's actions were like putting their own kids up for hostage and then threatening to shoot them.  I guess in his mind he was being generous by saying, "but they really don't want to shoot them".  Oh, thanks a lot congressman.  Congressman Hoyer, with the evil shooting and killing of elementary school children still on the mind of American's, this reference can no longer be ignored or just patched over with an apology.  You had one strike in 2011, now you get two strikes with these comments.  Three strikes and you should be out, but you won't be because your a Democrat; the party where rules that apply to conservatives and Republicans don't apply to you.


Anonymous said...

Just evil comments. I am so sick and tired of such hate speech. Actually I have NEVER been more disappointed in almost all of Congress. The Republican's have not held to the standards and the Democrat party has long been gone, it's the Progressives that's been trying as they might since President Wilson, to bring this Progressive Ideal to eventually rule. All while the press did NOT vet this President, did not and does not hold him accountable and spinning the web for him. While he uses that pen behind closed doors and signs away our freedom. The spending by DC is criminal. The debt DC is strapping our children and future generations is evil. Common Sense and Dignity in DC is responsible for the crumbling of our Constitution. Sad beyond and breaks my heart.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Amen Krissy-- especially your last sentence -- our country is in serious trouble- especially it's future and what's sad is it looks like a majority of people just don't care. Sad

bradley said...

Free speech allows one to show themselves as a moron who lacks morality and this idiot Hoyer has used this privilege to the fullest! Congrats to the dems whom likely embrace this attitude!!

Big Mike said...

Yep, you are correct Brad he has a right to show himself a moron by those statements...thought I needed to point it out since you won't see this from the MSM. The double standard is almost mind boggling as everyone knows if a Republican had made the same two statements as Hoyer, it would be the first thing on all the mainstream media outlets and the Sunday news shows. And every other Republican and conservative would be asked to apologize less they be called a believer in hate speech by the hypocrites.