Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bob Costas, Stick To Sports

The Second Amendment to The Constitution of The United States: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Bob Costas, a sports journalist, on Sunday Night Football, used a Jason Whitlock article in the newspaper to talk about the gun culture in America.  He talked about this because of the murder/suicide  that was committed the day before by Jovan Belcher, football player of the Kansas City Chiefs.  In a horrible cruel action Belcher murdered both parents of his three month old daughter.

Costas ended his sanctimonious rhetoric reminding everyone [from Whitlock's article] that  if Belcher didn't have a gun, his girl friend and he would still be alive today.  He emphasized that last point so smugly as if to lecture Americans: that fact is undeniable.  Okay, Bob, so let's say we agree with your emotional rendering conclusion.  What's the point?  You just left that point hanging there with no followup on what should be done or what the solution is.  Do you want all guns confiscated? [to hell with the second amendment]   Do you want more background checks on those who buy guns?   Do you want someone as unstable as Javon Belcher banned from purchasing a gun? [and I may go along with you there]   Do you want all professional football players being banned from obtaining a gun?  Are you telling football players [and/or all Americans] to not purchase a gun, because it will only lead to tragedy?   What is your point Bob?  You are the one who went out of your sports knowledge realm to engage in the gun conversation, but you left your listeners hanging there. If you had the guts to lecture America on guns, than I say you should have had the guts to say what your point [solution to what you say is a problem] was.  For you to just read an article and, I guess in your mind, leave the impression you are such a caring person because you talked about the gun culture in America, without giving any solution, took no guts at all to me.

In spite of the fact that I wish Bob Costas would stick to sports in a sports broadcast, I am not calling for his firing or even suspension.  I don't want to be like the hypocritical liberals I saw on the Greta Van Susterann show on Fox News on Monday night.   Even if you didn't see it, you know what these liberals mantra was: "Freedom of speech, freedom of speech."  I am working on a post about the liberals double standard on their calls for free speech, but I only need to give one for this post.  When Rush Limbaugh gave his opinion that Donovan McNabb was overrated and that the media did so because they wanted to see a black Quarterback excel in the NFL, he was fired almost immediately. Now you may think Rush's opinion was way off base and crazy, but it was his opinion [what they brought him in to give, I thought]. I didn't hear one of those liberal sports journalists that were on Greta's show scream "Freedom of speech, freedom of speech" on behalf of Limbaugh.    As I will point out in a future post, "freedom of speech" to liberals only applies to  speech [or other liberals] who they agree with.  And that fact is undeniable.

Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock, I know one thing for certain [using your words]. If Ronald Goldman had a gun when he confronted OJ Simpson attacking Nicole Brown Simpson, there is a good chance Nicole and Ronald would be alive today. Of course, OJ Simpson might be dead, and then I guess you would have written a column blaming OJ's death on the gun culture in America.
Update:  Today [Tuesday] the same Jason Whitlock, whose article on Javon Belcher was what Bob Costas relied on to make his comments, made the outrageous statement saying the NRA is today's KKK.
I have a feeling that Bob Costas also thinks that comment is out of bounds [I sure would hope so]. Since he quoted Whitlock just the day before, I believe it is up to Costas to say he disagrees with the recent comment by Whitlock.

Update 2:  I have just seen Bob Costas on the Bill O'Reilly show on Wednesday night and Bob Costas did indeed say he totally disagrees with Whitlock comparing the NRA with the KKK.  So, thank you Bob Costas for saying that.

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