Thursday, November 8, 2012

This Inheritance Will Really Be Tough

President Barack Obama has said over and over in his first term of office that he has inherited a mess from president George W Bush.  Of course, he has used that as an excuse for not keeping his promise, when he was elected, to improve the economy, reduce the deficit, reduce the debt, etc. It has all been Bush's fault according to this president.  And who can blame him because he did inherit the following mess from the evil president George W Bush:

Unemployment rate: 7.8%
National deficit: $407 billion
National debt $10.6 trillion
Poverty rate: 13.2%
40 million people in poverty
$1.79/gallon for gas
US Credit Rating [S&P]: AAA

Well after four years of some great policies from the brilliant Barack Obama let's see how things have improved:

Unemployment rate: 7.9%
National deficit: $1.1 trillion
National debt $16 trillion 
Poverty rate: 16%
46 million people in poverty
$3.35/gallon for gas
US Credit Rating [S&P]: AA+ 

Hmm.  That has me wondering.  If president Barack Obama couldn't deal with the mess that president George W Bush had left him in 2009, how can he possibly deal with the mess that president Barack Obama has left him in 2013?


Anonymous said...

I just listened to Glenn Beck in his opening statements. He was reading %facts from the numbers of votes, which is on Seriously was speaking with my husband last night and we were "It's all a numbers game now, the US choose to go Socialism." We're over the cliff now. Seriously, it blows my mind, but we did have a choice. Americans are now going to see this machine come apart. Glenn took the words right out my mouth, "I don't even want to listen to anything out of DC anymore, it is not my "god" and as far as thinking "GOD" is not watching is preposterous. I am personally disheartened. I sure do enjoy reading your good honest blogs.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Krissy, I understand you and have those same feelings of disheartment, bordering on depression. We must turn to God and "let not our hearts be troubled." As easy as it is to look at the dreaded situation we are in and just want to give up, we must fight that feeling. No matter how bad the situation looks like with this electorate and the next four years we are about to endure, we must never give up. We must defeat them. We will defeat them in the end.
Thanks Krissy, God Bless!