Monday, November 12, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Hero

 Note:  I had written this post on Thursday November 8 and was planning on releasing it the next day after my jury duty.   I learned during jury duty that General Petraeus resigned because of an extra marital affair. So, I originally did not post this because I thought his resignation made this post moot.  On further reflection, over the weekend I realized that his resignation [because of infidelity] didn't make this post moot, but even more relevant on the theme of this post.  So, here is the post-and keep in mind, it was written before General Petraeus' resignation.
The Incredible Shrinking Hero:

Do you know how some great people can grow right before your eyes.  Their stature is amplified by some deed and or words they say.  I am sad to say one of my heroes who I have always admired, has actually shrunk right before my eyes.

General David Patraeus, currently the Director of the CIA, is a four star general, who really gained prominence when he led the coalition forces in Iraq. In 2007-2008 he served as commanding General of the coalition forces of Iraq. When he took over, the war was becoming increasingly unpopular and it looked as if it was fading into defeat. General Petraeus led the surge strategy that was ordered by President Bush and he led it brilliantly. The troops under his command were magnificent in turning what looked like a losing battle into a winner for America and Iraq.   In late 2008-mid 2010 General Petraeus served as  the commander of US CENTCOM.   On June 23, 2010, President Obama nominated Petraeus to succeed General Stanley McChrystal  as commanding general of the ISA Force in Afghanistan. In 2011 Petraeus was tapped by President Obama to be CIA director.

General Petraeus is a hero to most Americans with his superb successful leadership of forces  as a Commander in Iraq.  In September, 2007 he grew in my and most conservative eyes even more as a hero with his straight forward testimony before congress. He strongly defended the surge strategy in Iraq in the face of attacking skeptical Democrats and their fellow liberals in the media. even went as far as to use the disgusting term of General Betrayus for this patriot.  General Petraeus never flinched in face of this criticism.  The majority of the country was proud of this hero.

Then a strange fog must have enveloped General Petraeus that led to some curious developments. When a new commander in chief took over [president Barack Obama] General Petraeus, was rightly loyal to the new president.  But there were certain incidents that had you doing a double take, to see if General David Petraeus might have been getting smaller in stature. He seemed to adopt the administration's political correctness when it came to the Muslim terrorists.   For example, in April, 2011 a Koran burning by a Florida pastor was rightly condemned by the president and secretary of state and congress. The condemnation and apologies by the civilian politicians in the United States was widespread.  Then General Petraeus, in my opinion, went overboard  in also condemning a stupid action by an American citizen on American soil when he said the burning of the Koran “was hateful, it was intolerant and it was extremely disrespectful and again, we condemn it in the strongest manner possible.”  Then he went even further: "We also offer condolences to the families of all those injured and killed in violence which occurred in the wake of the burning of the Holy Koran."     I agree with this article/editorial in Jihad Watch in which it says: "But wouldn't it be possible for him to appeal for calm and sanity without kowtowing so abjectly to Islamic supremacist sensibilities? By condemning the burning of the "Holy Koran" without a single mitigating word of any kind, and offering "condolences to the families of all those injured and killed in violence which occurred in the wake of the burning of the Holy Koran" without denouncing the irrationality and insanity of these murders, he is effectively endorsing the Islamic war against the freedom of speech." 

Then something curiouser occurred to the shrinking hero. General Petraeus was the CIA director during the time of  the terrorist attack on 9-11-12 in Benghazi, Libya in which US Ambassador Stevens and three other great Americans were killed.  There have been reports that the Ambassador and others in the Embassy begged for additional security fearing the situation in Libya was getting out of hand. None came.

Also,from Wired blog site we have this:  "a Fox News story portrayed the CIA as doing practically nothing while the consulate burned."

Also, from the story in Wired:

"The Wall Street Journal cites several anonymous officials who go after Petraeus hard. The CIA, operating out of an “annex” near the 13-acre consular compound, dwarfed the regular diplomatic presence in Benghazi, with the mission of hunting down ex-dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s unsecured rockets and missiles. That apparently led to an expectation at the State Department that the CIA would secure the compound in the event of a disaster, which never congealed into a formal arrangement." [no security came]...
 "The next month, after a contentious congressional hearing, the Journal reports that officials “were surprised” Petraeus attended a screening of the film Argo, a celebration of a CIA success."   ...  "Petraeus kept the CIA’s Benghazi role in the shadows. The Journal’s sources portray Petraeus as shielding the agency from embarrassment; keeping the agency’s role in Benghazi a secret even from top-level officials; and leaving Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to phone Petraeus directly as the attack proceeded in the hope of getting real-time intelligence."

What is more troubling to me, we had a cover up of the highest order following the Benghazi scandal, with the Obama administration for two weeks sending out surrogates trying to convince the American people that this was just a spontaneous action caused by a U Tube video.  CIA director Petraeus had to know those statements being put out by the Obama administration were lies, yet he kept silent.  Four Americans were killed by Muslim terrorists and Petraeus remained silent. I can understand being loyal to the president, I can understand General Petraeus not wanting to criticize the commander in chief. I can also understand that General Petraeus, being the director of the CIA, did not want to give out information that could endanger other Americans in the field.  But what I can't understand is how this hero could remain as director of the CIA after four Americans were killed [without having the security present they begged for] and when a cover up was being perpetrated in his presence.  I didn't expect this loyal man to call out the president or anyone else in the administration. What I was hoping we would hear from the General: "I resign."

By not doing so, General Petraeus got even smaller in my eyes. This hero has really disappointed me. Yes, I will still call him a hero, as I do Sen McCain and General Colin Powell even though they have made statements that have disappointed me, but he will have shrunk in my eyes.

Yes, to me General David Petaeus is the incredible shrinking hero. 

Update:  On Friday, November 9th, General Petraeus did indeed resign, but he said it was not because of the Benghazi scandal/cover up.  He resigned, in his words, because of an extra marital affair. Shrinking even more.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is making sense any more. The United States is imploding from within. It just goes to show Michel, how we were sensing things concerning this General. I believe they will now bring disrespect for our military. Unfortunately, I do not admire worldly men that are power hungry. Why it seems Saturday Night Live satire showed Mitt drowning his woes in a glass of milk and actually making fun of that? We have seemed to be seeing morality being removed.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Yes we have is very sad as it seems like everything is spinning out of control in this country and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

That's why I haven't even watched Saturday Night Live since they became completely one sided on liberal side --that's been a while. :-))

Thanks for your comments Krissy.