Friday, November 16, 2012

Pray For Israel

With rockets being fired from Gaza by Hamas at Israel at a horrifying rate, three Israeli's having been killed and close to 100 injured, Bibi Netanyahu and Israel must soon do whatever they can to stop those attacks...not just for the present but for decades.  Israel has shown more restraint and waited longer than any nation in the world would have in sustaining such attacks.  I am positive Prime Minister Netanyahu will not wait much longer.  He is a true leader who will do everything possible to protect the Israeli people.  No nation should be forced to endure such terror reigning down on them every day like this.

I ask all Americans to pray for Israel. May God continue to protect his Israel and the people of Israel with his blessings.

The name of this blog is tales from a tribble because I am a "tribble"-one who tweets or chats during the Hugh Hewitt radio show [about what's being talked about on the show-sometimes :-)].  The Hugh Hewitt radio show is a nationwide talk show on from 5-8 pm central time. Hugh has the most intelligent talk show in the nation, talking about current events, politics, best selling books, and sometimes even his beloved Cleveland and Ohio sports losers...I mean teams.  Here is Hugh's web site and also check out Hughniverse, where if you join you can listen to a podcast of any past radio show.  On Wednesday and Thursday Hugh got a call from Yoni Tidi from Israel who talked about the events taking place in Israel.  Yoni is a former IDF soldier and a great Israel patriot. Check him out on his blog Yoni the blogger.   Listen to this riveting rhetoric between Hugh and Yoni from Thursday's Hugh Hewitt radio show:

The National Anthem of Israel-Hatikva:


bradley said...

What a heartfelt and beautiful post, yoni's words are so strong, i will be visiting his blog now. I don't doubt that this increasing hamas activity in gaza is backed by iran to divert israel forces and attention away from nuclear iran!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Israel. Always will, even if half my country made a grave error.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Yes, Krissy and even though 2/3 of my fellow Jews voted against Israel's best interest in this election.
Thanks Krissy!