Friday, November 9, 2012

Now's Time For An Apology

We, the American electorate, should issue this apology to the children and future children of this country. 

We will be leaving you with a country, that was born with blessings from God, that will not be the same free market, capitalist country we have been.  A country where hard work, inventiveness, and success will no longer be admired, but rather will be vilified by a majority of Americans. We will be leaving you with having to wait in long lines at the doctor's office like we experience now at the DMV.  And when you get old, you may not get all of the medical care you need from what has been the greatest medical system in the world.  We will be leaving you with a weakened military, so weakened that we will no longer be the defender of freedom throughout the world. This great super power that has been the beacon of freedom
for people everywhere in the world, will be just another country. We will be leaving you with a country where high unemployment and high gas prices are not just a blip of the times, but will become the new reality.  Our president will be able to deliver on his pronouncement [when asked if he thought America was an exceptional country] that America is an exceptional country just like Greece thinks they are an exceptional country, just like Burma thinks they are an exceptional country.  Yes, I fear it will be true that we will become an exceptional country, just like Greece is an exceptional country. What is saddest of all, we will leave you with a country that is worse off, not better off, than what we have inherited from our parents.  For that we should feel ashamed.

So, if I may speak for the American electorate, I apologize dear children.  We let you down.


The really sad thing is, a majority of the American people will be okay with that.  


Anonymous said...

And might I add, please forgive me. I tried everything I knew, and our answer came. There are now more that chose the wrong path. It's now time to Prepare for the incredibly rough times that are coming quickly. God will now take His hand off our nation. Seeing those interviews of Boston students in line for the election by blew me away. Just look at who these University students are. Now our President goes to Burma, Thailand & Cambodia? What the ? I guess this transforming is going exactly as he planned. A one world. Bringing America down. :-(

Very Dishearten Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Very disheartening indeed Krissy.