Monday, November 19, 2012

Maybe I'm The One Who's Missing The Big Picture

In this last week, coming just after the president's re-election Tales has complied a list of some of the more important headlines from The Drudge Report:

Jobless Claims Soar
European Union plunges back into recession
Bartiromo: "Fiscal cliff deal-Don't count on it."
Highest number of jobless claims in Ohio and Pennsylvania
Food stamp recipients alone would have accounted for 75% of Obama total
Florida gas $6.44/gallon
We are living like animals
Gun sales soar after re-election
Stocks fall 3% since re-election
Food stamps surge by most in year to new all time record
Bailout: Federal Housing Authority 16.3 B in Red 
Sandy-stricken town covered in 100,000 yards of uncollected trash 
Farmers brace for looming death tax

What did Obama know and when did he know it?
Petraeus could face charges
Krauthammer: "White House held affair over Petraeus head for favorable testimony"
Four star circus 
What else are they hiding?
Lawmakers shown video of envoy being dragged out
Director knew immediately Al Qaida-linked group responsible for Benghazi
Socialite who brought down Petraeus dined at White House 3 times this year
Director knew immediately Al-Qaida linked group responsible for Benghazi
CIA's talking points were edited to play down terrorism
Rockets fired at Tel Aviv
Israel under siege from mortar attacks 
Syria launched shells into Golan Heights
War looms
Opened gates of hell

Hamas targets Jerusalem
Iron dome intercepts missiles over Tel Aviv
Hamas missile launching pads next to mosque, playground
Egypt PM to visit Gaza in support of Hamas
Thousands protest in Cairo 
Rockets fired from Egypt hit Israel 
Iran set to double nuclear fuel capability
Obama warns against ramping up 
Rockets spread panic in Tel Aviv
Turkish PM: Israel is terrorist state--administration mum 
Hmm.  Maybe [by the election results] I'm the one who's missing the big picture.  

After all, Sandra Fluke can get her free contraceptives.


bradley said...

that list, so abley compiled, is enough to make me, as a rational thinking american puke--- then again , maybe ill just have a beer!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad.... go for a Budweiser :-)

Anonymous said...

Good job Mike very well laid out. Hope everone reads will retweet. Have a friend who work for American, union has convienced them that O will save thier jobs. He could care less, don't understand why they can't see it. He didn't save Hostess.

Big Mike said...

Thanks friend!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't tell you how many times a day I click onto Drudge or The Blaze, just to see if the nation is still standing. Being in Texas we have a fighting chance. Sort of. But reading that list all in a row, yikes, no wonder I have felt so emotionally ill over where we're headed.

Krissy In ATX

Big Mike said...

Me too Krissy! Thanks for your comments. Every blessing.