Friday, November 11, 2016

University of Texas Longhorn Band Tribute To Armed Forces

Hat tip:  My brother Brad, the #1 Longhorn fan in the world who told me about this awesome halftime show this last Saturday [at the UT/Iowa State game] by the University of Texas Longhorn Band honoring the Armed Forces of the United States for Veterans Day.   It wasn't just awesome because of the music, but maybe even more because of the amazing formations by the band honoring the five branches of the military of the United States: Coast Guard, Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy.
Also, a hat tip for Nathan Bybee who made this video for U Tube.
You can access on U Tube Nathan Bybee's video by searching "Longhorn Band Tribute To Veterans"

Stay until the end when the Longhorn Band gives a tribute to the legendary Hall of Fame Coach Darryl Royal!

Please put in full screen with volume up [as there was a lot of wind noise] and watch this great tribute to all veterans of  the United States military.

Longhorn Band: Saturday November 10, 2012, UT vs Iowa State Halftime Show:



bradley said...

What a remarkable performance honoring our brave men and woman-- chills and tears of pride flowed as I watched this performance ---- congrats to the UT Band and congrats to all those of the armed forces!!

Big Mike said...

Amen bro!