Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It Boils Down To This

If for no other reason, Americans should vote for Republican Mitt Romney over president Obama for the one reason this ad represents.  Barack Obama's first campaign in 2008 was all about hope and change and bringing the people together.  The comment shown by Obama in this video in this 2012 campaign represents what he and his campaign have become.  President Obama, telling his supporters to vote for 'revenge' is symbolic of this destructive divider in chief.  Rather than bringing people together, like he first campaigned for, this man has tried to divide this country for personal political gain since the beginning.  That is shameful, and is the main reason [even more than the economy or his foreign policy failures] that I do not want this man to be re-elected.  Our country, more than ever, needs unity and coming together and not the bitter division among the citizens that our current president has promoted.

Romney magnificently said it best, "revenge or love of country".  How will you cast your votes fellow citizens?

Revenge or Love of Country?:


Anonymous said...

It's 3am on Election Day here in the Capitol of Texas. God Bless America. I'm going to vote for: The Love of Country here in a matter of a few hours.

ThankYou Michael for all you do in your blogging.

Krissy In ATX

Big Mike said...

God Bless You, Krissy! God Bless America!
I am praying for America today.