Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hugh Hewitt On The Most Important Geopolitical Development in the Last 10 Years

On Monday night's Hugh Hewitt radio show, Hugh made an important insightful statement on world events that I have not heard from any other pundit.  He is correct when he says you won't hear this from the main stream media and that is a shame because this could affect every American in a negative way.

Hugh said: "What is happening in Egypt, as we speak, is the most important geopolitical development in the last 10 and the next 10 years.  It is as important in your life since the Iranian revolution has been to all of our lives since 1979", when the Islamist Ayatollah Khomeini took power and made Iran an Islamist power and a breeding ground for the modern terrorist movement.

He said what is happening in Egypt with the Muslim brotherhood [with president Morsi leading the way] is a terrible development, a dangerous development for the world.  This could cause massive problems for the United States and the Middle East in the near future, Hugh said.

Hugh was able to contact foreign policy and national security expert Frank Gaffney, the founder and president of the Center For Security Policy, to discuss what is going on with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and the danger it represents.

Thanks big Hugh for being on the cutting edge of world news stories.

Hugh Hewitt has a blog here.   On his Hughniverse site, all members can access the audio by podcast of all of his radio shows.  

The following is an important radio segment of talk show host Hugh Hewitt opining on the important geopolitical event occurring in Egypt today, and then discussing it with the national security expert Frank Gaffney.  Please listen by clicking on the arrow of the video.

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