Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Tales Sports Break

Hugh Hewitt on his radio talk show loves to talk lovingly about his famous [or infamous] Ohio sports teams. He is a big Ohio State Buckeye fan and loves to play their "we don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan song" especially on the week they are playing their hated rival-the Michigan Wolverines.

While that is not Ohio State's fight song, that got me to thinking of all of the great college fight songs in the nation.  I have made a list of my top 6 college fight songs.  I am sad to say my University of Houston Cougars song [while I always love to hear it being played and it is a great song] did not make the list.  Two Texas University's songs did make the list.  The top song on my list is from a school, while not in Ohio, is Hugh's second favorite team [maybe a tie in Hugh's mind] outside of his Buckeyes. 

So, without further ado, Tales top 6 college fight songs are in reverse order:

#6 Texas A & M Aggies, "Aggie War Hymn":

#5 Oklahoma Sooners "Boomer Sooner":

#4  Wisconsin Badgers "On Wisconsin":

#3 University of Texas Longhorns "Texas Fight":

#2 Michigan Wolverines "The Victors":

#1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish "Victory March":


bradley said...

Although I'm an orange blood, my favorite has always been the Michigan fight song--- you left off MY second favorite, and that is Tennessee rocky top!

Big Mike said...

You're right brother...I knew I would forget one. :-)

bradley said...


Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad for Rocky Top. :-)