Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who Wants To Minimize Mammograms, Mr. President?

During the second debate at Hofstra University in New York, president Obama said “When Governor Romney says that we should eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, there are millions of women all across the country, who rely on Planned Parenthood for, not just contraceptive care, they rely on it for mammograms, for cervical cancer screenings. That’s a pocketbook issue for women and families all across the country,”

From The Daily Caller: The pro life organization called "Live Action" organized a “Call Planned Parenthood to Schedule Your Imaginary Mammogram Day,” in which over 2000 pro life people participated to successfully expose the fact that Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms.

Plus, is there any intelligent human being in the United States who thinks that Mitt Romney wants to prohibit women from getting mammograms  and or cervical cancer screenings?  Don't holler out Debbie Wassermann Schultz you liberals, because I put the qualifier "intelligent" before human beings.

But not only was the president wrong in his assertion that millions of women rely on planned parenthood for mammogram screenings, the president, instead of criticizing Mitt Romney, should have looked to his own Dept. of HHS.  From the New York Times in November of 2009:  a task force in prevention and primary care appointed by the Obama's Department of Health and Human Services stated: "Most women should start regular breast cancer screening at age 50, not 40....they also said women age 50 to 74 should have mammograms less frequently — every two years, rather than every year". It said "doctors should stop teaching women to examine their breasts on a regular basis."

So, we have a committee appointed by the president [through his HHS department] that wants to lessen mammograms for women.  So, if you are really concerned, Mr. President, about women getting mammograms, instead of criticizing Mitt Romney you might want to look at your own administration.

I never thought I'd say this but, where is Donna Shalala when we need her?

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