Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where Are The Pictures From The Situation Room This Time?

I've had it up to here with president Obama's spiking the football, on a decision in giving the go orders to kill Bin Laden, that any other president in the position that Obama was in would have made.  First of all, let's get one thing straight. President Obama, you didn't get anybody.  President Obama, your call was not courageous or heroic.  President Obama, it was the Navy SEALs, and the Navy SEALs alone that showed courage and heroism.  It was the Navy SEALs and the Navy SEALs alone that "got" Bin Laden.

President Obama couldn't wait to show the American people and the world the pictures in the situation room in the White House when he and his advisers were watching in real time the actions of the Navy SEALs in their raid that ended the life of the evil terrorist.   These were the pictures you put out to show your "guts" in making the call.  Your spokesmen said that it was a gutsy call because the raid could have gone wrong and it would have made you look bad, i.e., hurt you politically.

Well I have one question for you, Mr. President.  Where the hell are the pictures from the situation room in the White House during the night of the Benghazi terrorist attack, when your administration  was watching in real time as Al Qaida terrorists were killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans?  Information has come out that Chris Stevens, and those in the American Embassy, were pleading for help.  Where the hell were you at that time, Mr. President?  Where was your so called guts to make the call to send in the military to attempt to save those Americans that were trapped in the Embassy in Benghazi? 

It was Hillary Clinton who first said the buck stops with her.  Then, after much criticism your spokesman said, no the buck stops with the president, as it always does.  Well, sir, if the buck stops with you then the blame must also stop with you. If making the call to "get" Bin Laden was gutsy in your and your supporters eyes, then we must conclude that not making the call to send help to save Ambassador Stevens and those in the American Embassy in Benghazi was cowardly.  This was a seven hour attack, seven hours when your administration offered no help to Americans under attack who were pleading for help.  If you want credit for getting Bin Laden, president Obama, then you must take the blame for the failure to attempt to save the Americans killed in Libya.

Trying to deflect criticism from your administration's cowardly non actions as four Americans were being killed by terrorists, you [President Obama] scandalously put out the lie for two weeks that it was some American's You Tube video that caused riots in Libya and led to the attack on the American Embassy. 

What is as shameful as that sickening coverup by the president has been the coverup by the Obama sycophants in the main stream media. This scandal has been much worse than the Watergate scandal/coverup as no one died during Watergate. Yet, the main stream media is silent in all this.  This puts the liberal media square in the middle as being  participants in one of the worst coverups in American history.

This would have been like in Watergate, instead of investigative reporters Woodward and Bernstein revealing the coverup, having participated with Nixon in the coverup.

This action by the administration in regards to the Libya terrorist attack and the coverup by the main stream media in trying to save this president, is one of the most outrageous and saddest times in America that I can remember during my lifetime. 

It is said that the truth eventually comes out. The administration and the media are trying to keep that truth from coming out until after the election.  I am one American who prays they do not get away with it.


Anonymous said...

I wish you could ask him this in person! America deserves an answer. The families of the 4 whose lives were lost deserve a REAL time answer. Pray4America

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

One thing we know Krissy, it won't be asked by the fraud liberal media. Those families of those Americans killed and all of America deserves an answer.