Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Greatest Ad By Any Candidate Ever?

For those of you who have seen this, I am sure you won't mind seeing it again. For those who have not seen this ad, I think you will say wow, after you see it.  It is a short 30 second ad, but boy is it powerful.  It contrasts what the two candidates were doing on the same day.

This ad, from one the people who I admire the most, in or out of politics, the Lt. Col. Allen West.  Yes, it is a negative ad [and positive for West at the same time], but Congressman West, I understand has been bombarded by negative ads from his opponent, Patrick Murphy.  As Murphy I think is finding out, you don't mess with West!  The ad is entitled "Decide"


Sam said...

Great ad! Thanks for sharing. The people who make these ads are so talented...i was listening how they craft them based on focus groups and the whole process is very interesting.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Sam!