Monday, October 22, 2012

The Choice Is Clear

Hat Tip: A caller Vicki on the Bill Bennett radio show thought of an important ad-as she reminded Bennett's listeners of three important [revealing] political statements in the recent past: 1. Barack Obama's self pronounced goal, when he was elected, to fundamentally transform America.  2. Mitt Romney's brilliant rendition of the disastrous results of the last four years under Barack Obama and  3. Barack Obama crowing that his plan has worked.

The caller Vicki sounded understandably upset, as she realizes if the American people don't wake up, then Obama will get another four years to complete his goal [which he says is working] of fundamentally transforming America.  Vicki realizes that if that happens, we will no longer have the exceptional America that hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans [that have served in the military] have given their lives for.

The goal:


The transformation begins

The plan is working:

The choice is clear.  The stakes are high.  We can re-elect Barack Obama to complete his transformation of America into a country that is no longer the exceptional country we have known, or we can save America and keep it the great beacon of hope for all freedom loving people of the world by electing Mitt Romney. The choice is now in our hands. In my view there is only one choice.

It's Romney/Ryan 2012!

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