Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shame of the Media Exposed By An American Crossroads Ad

"American Crossroads" has just come out with what may be their most important ad yet.  This is another riveting ad, willing to go where the main stream media won't.  We are in the midst of a scandal and a cover up worse than Watergate and the media doesn't seem to care.  Information shows that the Benghazi attack that brutally killed the American Ambassador to Libya, Stevens, and three other Americans was a planned terrorist attack to coincide with the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist assault on America.  There has also been information that this knowledge was known just hours after the attack. Also, information has come out that in the months that had preceded this deadly attack, there was numerous other attacks on western posts and embassies attempted. Also, even more startling it has come out that Ambassador Stevens himself let it be known that he was in fear for his life. Also, there were many requests from Embassy personal well before the attack for additional security to be supplied-and that security was denied by the State Department.

This scandal alone would be enough to bring down any administration, but it gets worse.  For two weeks the administration lied to the American people, saying they had no knowledge that terrorism was involved. Indeed they sent out UN Ambassador Susan Rice, almost a week after the incident, to every Sunday talk show, saying that all the information pointed to that this was just a spontaneous copy cat demonstration that got out of hand caused by a U Tube video [that had come out many months before]. Unbelievable. We not only have a bigger scandal than Watergate, because in this scandal four Americans were brutally murdered, but we have a cover up that would have made Richard Nixon blush.  And except from interest shown by the Fox News Channel and surprisingly somewhat on CNN, where the hell is the main stream media?  Where are the Bob Woodward's and Carl Bernstein's?  Where is the outrage?  Americans were brutally murdered on an American Embassy, which had begged for additional security that was obviously needed but denied, and the majority of the main stream media, instead of showing interest in it, seems interested in participating in the cover up [at least until they can get this election over with].  Yes, I say the main stream media is a participant in a cover up of one of the biggest scandals in American history.

Shame on you, national media. Shame on you, Obama administration. And shame on the American people if we just yawn and say, never mind.

"Intelligence" by American Crossroads:


Anonymous said...

This is getting so serious, WWIII is about to erupt, while they are airing a Big Bird ad. 27 days until we show this President the door.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Yes it's a shame Krissy we have a small man as president dealing with small issues while millions of Americans are suffering and the Middle East on fire. This election shouldn't even be close .

Unknown said...

Thanks, Mike!! Great job!!

Big Mike said...

Thank you Balladeer!!