Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama's Economy?

For most new presidencies, the main stream media,and the opposition party give the newly elected president a honeymoon period.  This is a time when bipartisanship is at its highest and when the media will give the new president some leeway in his policies and propositions.   That honeymoon period usually ends when the new president encounters a major problem or a deep division occurs between the two parties.  So, there is no prescribed time when the honeymoon ends. When I was young I remember the  honeymoon period being for the first 100 days [about 3 months]. Some have been given a longer period of time before the media would unleash on the new president [or at least try and be fair and balanced in the coverage], but I don't think any president has had a honeymoon period of more than a year.  The Gallup polling organization says the average of a honeymoon period for a new president is 7 months.

This has been true for all presidents in history...that is, this has been true until 2008 with the election of Barack Obama.  The main stream media is still to this day giving Barack Obama his honeymoon period [i.e., the entire four years of his term]. The bad economic conditions in the country-George W. Bush's fault. Any problem arising in foreign policy-George W. Bush's fault.   For the few press conferences that this president has had, he has not had to face any tough questions from the adoring media.  In fact, at times this media has covered up for this administration [like in the Fast and Furious scandal;  like in the terrorist attack at the American Embassy in Benghazi, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans there.]

It is plain to see that this president has been given a honeymoon period of no less than his total first term in office.  If Obama is re-elected, which I pray and don't believe will happen, he will be the first president to be given a second honeymoon period [which would last another four years]

So, you are probably saying that the main stream media will never put the onus of the economy on Barack Obama's back.  This will always be George W Bush's economy [i.e., fault]

Au contraire, my friends.  There will be a time when the media and liberal Democrats [sorry for being redundant] will call this Obama's economy.  The MSM will finally call this the Obama economy.....drum roll please.....during Mitt Romney's presidency.

Yes, when President Mitt Romney creates the turn around in the economy, with the GDP rising, millions of Americans finding work, gas prices coming down, the increased growth leading to increased revenues and a reduction in the annual deficit--that will be the time when the main stream media will end the honeymoon period for Barack Obama and call the Romney turn around the Obama economy.

While Tales does a lot of satire posts, this is not one of them.  I truly believe the media will give Obama all the credit for the upcoming Romney booming economy.  I know that would be the ultimate in chutzpah. The main stream media for the four years of the Obama presidency has said the economy is all Bush's fault. Then in an amazing turnaround this same media will suddenly say that it was Obama's policies that has led to the boom in the economy under Mitt Romney.   Remember where you heard this first.  It will be coming.
That is why to most of the nation the main stream media has become a joke.
And this joke isn't funny.

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