Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Grand Slam Home Run By The Next POTUS Mitt Romney

Wow!   What another great performance by Governor Mitt Romney in the final debate of 2012.  He was magnificent. This debate was supposed to be on foreign policy and this was supposed to be Romney's weakness and president Obama's strength.  But Mitt Romney showed tremendous knowledge on foreign policy. In fact, Mitt Romney not only looked presidential but if you didn't know better, you would have thought Governor Romney was the incumbent and president Obama was the challenger. Mitt Romney made it clear that in a Mitt Romney presidency, the United States will be very strong.

Romney, without looking angry or disrespectful, pointed out the weakness of America under president Obama. He gave examples of the Green Revolution in Iran when the students in the street were asking the president or you with us or against us and the president was silent. Governor Romney said that was an enormous mistake. The governor also brought up Obama's apology tour in the Middle East when he first came to office. He talked about president Obama visiting Egypt and Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in the Mid East, and then added cleverly, "oh, by the way you happened to skip Israel on your Middle East tour." " And guess what, the Arab nations noticed that you skipped Israel."

As good as Romney was on  foreign policy, he was brilliant in turning the debate to the economy. On this debate Obama was no match. Governor Romney said we are headed to another Greece if we continue with the same policies as the last four years. He said the first thing he would do to cut down on the debt was to eliminate Obamacare. He talked about how "some programs sound good, but we can't afford them. Obamacare didn't sound good and we can't afford it". In the best line of the debate, after Governor Romney gave a list of the bad economic conditions president Obama has left us in, used a variation of an Obama theme when he said: "We don't need to go back to the policies of the last four years."

The closing argument by Romney [like in the first debate] was head and shoulders above president Obama.  Governor Romney looked and sounded presidential and optimistic about the future of this great country with new leadership at the helm.

In my opinion, Mitt Romney is the best debater on a presidential level that I have ever seen.  That includes Ronald Reagan.

I'm glad the great Dr Charles Krauthammer agreed with me that "unequivocally Mitt Romney won in every way". Krauthammer talked about how Romney went large, and president Obama went unbelievably small...using petty attacks that someone running for city council would have used".   Dr. Krauthammer said that this will help Mitt Romney win the election.    I agree!

Senator Marco Rubio said that there was only one person on the stage who looked presidential and that was Mitt Romney.   I agree with the great senator from Florida. I never thought we would see another performance as great as Mitt Romney's was in the first debate, I was wrong.  We just saw it again by Mitt Romney tonight.  So, may Tales be the first one to tell Mitt Romney: "Bravo, Mr. President."

The next POTUS, Mitt Romney


Anonymous said...

YAY President Romney! Just practicing. Can hardly wait until the Obama's move out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Gr8t commentary Michael!

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy!!!!

bradley said...

Coming down to Ohio and Florida --- win those and pull up the moving vans!

Big Mike said...

Yeah baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd known about the concert in Houston - you were so blessed to go - I miss Houston - sick of tacocity! BIG CLUE.
Read FOUR BLOOD MOONS QUICKLY - 1st one appears at 2:08 AM April 15. Pastor Hagee is recording it and will be discussing the entire meaning on GETV the evening of April 15 - ? time. Ms Anonymous is no longer now is she.