Sunday, October 7, 2012

Brahms Cello Beauty

As I have stated before on classical weekends on the Tales, whenever the fetching Mrs B and I attend a Houston Symphony concert at Jones Hall we like to go early to attend the classical music lecture that is held about 45 minutes before the concert called 'prelude'.  Last weekend we were really in for a treat. Because this was the concluding weekend of an all Brahms concert series, the Society for the Performing Arts did something special before the concert. Instead of the usual lecture, they had on the Jones Hall stage one of Houston Symphony's great cellist and a wonderful pianist who played the first movement of  Brahms cello sonata in E minor.

Wow, what a magnificent piece this is.   This sonata has a beautiful haunting theme that enthralled the early concert goers. This was my first time hearing this piece and I was riveted to this wonderful music.  Now I see why one of my tribble friends on twitter from Oregon @Joelmt  [a very kind person, a great patriot, and a lover of classical music] names the cello as her favorite instrument.  I think she will love this cello beauty by Brahms, like Sheralyn and I did last Saturday night.  I think now you see why the fetching Mrs B and I love to go early to the Houston Symphony concerts to be surprised with extras like this.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy on this peaceful Sunday.

Johannes Brahms: Sonata for Cello and Piano in E minor, 1st movement, Allegro non troppo:


Joel said...

I am honored that you would post this piece for me!! Thank you! You are absolutely right--it was haunting and riveting. The cellist's skill was amazing. The piano complemented the cello perfectly (piano is my 2nd favorite instrument!). It must have been wonderful to hear this performed live. Thank you to you and Sheralyn for thinking of me!

Big Mike said...

Thank you Joel for your great support!!