Monday, October 1, 2012

Will Even This Not Affect Your Support For Obama?

I remember as a young Jew being at my parents house and beaming with pride as Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations, Abba Eban addressed the UN Security Council after Israel had repelled the Arab forces trying to eliminate Israel just after the "Six Day War".  On June 6, 1967 Eban addressed, not just the UN, but the entire world in an emotional, brilliant defense of the state of Israel.    The whole world seemed to stop as they were riveted by Eban's stirring speech.  I think all Jews, as indeed all Americans were moved by this great leaders words.

Now we move to September, 2012. Israel once again faces an existential threat from Iran if they complete their mission to successfully develop a nuclear weapon [s].   We have the Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu addressing the United Nations about this threat.  Once again, I am beaming with pride over Israel's great leader's words before the United Nations. But not everyone heard Netanyahu's important speech. The Arab Muslim countries boycotted it. They weren't alone. Barack Obama's Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, decided to skip Netanyahu's speech and have lunch with Hillary Clinton instead. Hey, it's only Israel's very existence, so what the hell?

I have a question for my fellow [liberal] Jews.  When will enough be enough? Or does it even matter to you?

You've excused [i.e., made excuses] president Obama when he compared the suffering of Jews in the Holocaust to the suffering of Palestinians in the West Bank.  After saying in his Cairo speech to Muslims [in his first year as president] that the Jews suffered horror in the Holocaust, his very next words were: "On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people — Muslims and Christians — have suffered in pursuit of a homeland."  This fact alone, that the president of the United States added an "on the other hand" when referring to the Holocaust should have made every Jew sick to their stomach.

You've excused president Obama when he demanded to Israel that they stop their settlement construction on the West Bank   [i.e., he told Israel to stop building homes on their own land].

You've excused president Obama when his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, told Israelis "the settlement activity must stop that and to steer clear of comments that will provoke the Palestinians."

You've excused president Obama when his vice president, Joe Biden, scolded Israel before the world saying Israel's decision to approve 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem was undermining Middle East peace talks.

You've excused president Obama when he humiliated the Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu by leaving him alone in the White House to go and have dinner and then not having the normal photographs taken with a foreign leader.

You've excused president Obama when he undercut Israel's negotiating position with the Palestinians telling the world [before any notice to Israel] that the borders of Israel and the Palestinians must start with returning to the '67 borders with mutually agreed swaps.

You've excused president Obama when he cut short military exercises with Israel.

You've excused president Obama when he told Israeli leaders in March of 2011 that " Israel must do some soul-searching regarding its commitment to peace"

You've excused president Obama when he refused to meet with Binyamin Netanyahu saying he didn't have the time, but in that same week he found the time to meet with Jay Z, David Letterman, the ladies of "The View", and attend numerous fund raisers.

You've excused president Obama when he compared Prime Minister Netanyahu's call for a red line on Iran as "noise".

You've excused president Obama when making his first visit to Cairo, Egypt, never visited Israel. Obama will say other presidents haven't visited Israel, but has there been another president who visited other countries throughout the Middle East without visiting Israel?

You've excused president Obama when he lowered Israel's status before United States eyes, calling Israel "one of our closest allies in the region".  So, what does that mean?  Israel shares that honor with Iran?

You've excused president Obama when he [through his press spokesman Jay Carney] won't identify Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. [this proved that Obama lied to AIPAC in 2008 when he told them that Jerusalem would remain the undivided capital of Israel]

You've excused president Obama when he was silent about his fellow Democrats booing Jerusalem, Israel [in effect booing the Jews]. [as a side thought--if this had happened at the Republican convention, the media would still be talking about it--and Romney would be asked every time he appeared anywhere what he thought of Republicans booing Jerusalem]

And none of that disrespect to Israel has moved [most of] the liberal Jewish community away from total support of Barack Obama.  Added to all of the above we now have Susan Rice, the United States UN Ambassador skipping the important speech by the Prime Minister of Israel before the United Nations.  Tell me, please tell me, how do you excuse this one?  What can the reason possibly be for this, except as another show of disdain by the Obama administration for Israel's prime minister [i.e., for Israel]

So, for my fellow Jews.  Maybe you say Israel is not an issue to you. Okay. But what about your fellow Jews that live in Israel?  Do you care about their well being? We, as a people, have suffered through much discrimination and violence against us throughout history . We have also been protected and blessed so much by God. [Dayenu]  So, if you don't care about Israel as an issue, or that it should be determinative in your vote in the upcoming election, please think about your fellow Jews who are living there.  It upsets me a little that you don't care about the state of Israel itself, but at least you can think about the people that are living there.

I am pleading with my fellow liberal Jews to disembark the ship of fools you are on and show president Obama that he has finally gone too far by voting him out in November.


bradley said...

This post should be seen by every jewish american as it very succinctly puts it all in perspective! I am afraid many jews put the social issues ahead of the survival of israel as a jewish state, and that is so sad---- the holocaust victims of WWII must be turning in their graves over the neglect shown by >60% of jewish americans!

Big Mike said...

I too am afraid you are right Brad. I pray for this finally click in to a majority of Jews in America. I am not holding my breath.

Thanks Brad.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian who Stands With Israel, I cannot possibly understand why a single Jew would vote for Obama. I watched Pastor John Hagee (SanAntonio Texas) who is founder of Christians United For Israel. His sermon on Sunday 9/30/12 was very moving. The title: "My Candidate For President" can be listened to at Also, you can watch the video's from the CUFI conference held in Washington DC this past summer. If re-elected; our Judeo/Christian nation will be doomed. Now is the time to get down on our knee's and pray. I wish I was wrong. :-(

Krissy In ATX

Charlene said...

Charlene said - I am a Member of CUFI and Cornerstone Church in San Antonio also grew up in Ct with many different types of religions and nationalities. My point being that the smartest of all were my Jewish friends but they were all liberal - it just didn't click with me. Having been to Yad Vashem, Norweigan and DC museums-all were stomach turning yet educational to the point of never, ever having this horror happen again in anyone's lifetime and yet Brad, Mike and countless others are right on the mark. Why don't so many Jewish persons in America care when they are looking into the eyes of a horrid repeat in history. Is it because we live so far away that Jewish Americans don't believe they'll be in trouble? Then how about those who have family and friends in Israel, is there any concern for them? I met Bibi Netanyahu in Israel and a finer man to handle this situation one could not find but my heart goes out to him because of the lack of support here and there!!!
Wake up - everyone -- wake up - time is ticking away as you play Mah Jong, eat and dance - your lives are at stake, our homelands are absolutely in jeopardy and yet you still don't seem to care about how much your vote for Obama and not Romney will destroy our Judeo/Christian way of life. I don't understand the lack of concern from any person at this CRITICAL time in history for America - how can you not care?

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much Krissy and Charlene for your comments! God Bless.

Norman Berk said...

This is so strange. The writer believes that we Jews are just so ignorant of the facts that he can omit information, take items out of context, twist the facts and we just don't get it. Perhaps the vast majority of American Jews are smart enough to see through all this and realize what a friend Israel has in Obama.

Today's newspapers have articles that the Israeli leadership is turning towards tougher sanctions rather than war.
The following is a quote from today's New York Times:
"Polls show that there is not much appetite among the Israeli public for a unilateral strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, and Israel’s president, Shimon Peres, is one of several prominent figures who have spoken out against such a course of action.

"On Tuesday, Mr. Peres repeated those reservations. Paying a traditional Sukkot holiday visit to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual guide of the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party that sits in the governing coalition, Mr. Peres said it would be preferable to deal with Iran without a war, and that it was necessary “to continue to work with a wide coalition and to increase the diplomatic pressure on Iran.”

"Mr. Peres added that the current economic and diplomatic sanctions were “serving to isolate the corrupt regime in Tehran,” and that the most important thing was “to work hand in hand with the United States of America, which remains the largest and most significant world power and a true friend of Israel’s.”

The Israeli's see the value in Obama.

Americans do not like foreigh leaders injecting themselves in our politics. If anything, it appears that Netanyahu overplayed his hand thinking Romney would be the winner of our election.

You can talk all you wish about the shortcomings of the President but when it counts, arms cooperation, joint military training and worldwide acceptance of the US as Israel's benefactor and friend, Obama has done quite well.

Big Mike said...

Sorry Norman,you can keep your head in the sand if you want to. But I prefer to look at the facts. There was not one sentence taken out of context. Plus I supplied the link for every statement. Those were all truthful events if actions by Obama or his administration. You want to dispute that with quotes from the NY Times-- the NY Times- one of the most anti Israel papers out there. and you say the Israelis know the value of Obama- is that why Obama has an approval rate in single digits among Israeli Jews?
You have a right to your own opinion Norman but don't say how this blog took words out of context- that is a lie.

bradley said...

other than the historically anti-israeli anti-jew Carter, obama has hands down been the most anti-israel president this country has ever had!I bet you show more respect to your ex mother-in-law than this president has shown to Bibi!