Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Strange Case of Dr. Newtyll and Mr. Gingpoor.

Tales on vacation, re- post from January 9, 2012:  [this re-post will take reaching deep in your memory banks to remember how the Republican primary process (to pick the nominee) began.]

In the Green Oak Place village there were many talks about who their leader would be. Among the most talked about villagers to lead the Green Oak Place was a damsel MB, a cook named Abel, a Texas cowboy, a hunter who spoke Chinese, a tall businessman they called the glove, a man known by many as the saint, an elderly doctor named Newtyll and a village idiot, who will be un-named.  A motley crew indeed to choose from.

It seemed like the most interesting of the villagers was this doctor Newtyll. While there were many talks among the crew on who should lead them, the friendly, smiling doctor Newtyll took a different approach than the rest. They were all touting their own accomplishments and why they should be favored so much more than the others.

Dr. Newtyll did not tout his own accomplishments. He surprisingly went out of his way to consistently tout the others involved in the talks. Dr. Newtyll said all of the others would make great leaders of not just the Green Oak Place village, but also in the entire Upper Singers of Alto. The current leader of the Upper Singers of Alto is the divisive baritone, Mister O.   Dr. Newtyll said each one involved in the talks would be a much better person to lead the Upper Singers of Alto than the egotistical Mister O.

In each talk, watched with interest by many citizens of the Upper Singers of Alto, this Dr. Newtyll gained more and more praise for his brilliance and being able to focus his aims of derisiveness at Mister O. Dr. Newtyll was suddenly getting more thumbs up then any of the others in the village. He would surely lead the Green Oak Place village and then go on to replace the unpopular Mister O.

Then something strange happened. As meetings were taking place from the commoners on who should lead them, there were these rumors started about secrets of Dr.Newtyll's past, that put the good doctor in a bad light.  These rumors came from the tall businessman and the village idiot.
While  the commoners said they did not want to hear attack rumors, they listened with an unusual eagerness.  These rumors seemed to have the desired effect. The first of many meetings in Earowa resulted in a close result between the businessman and the saint. There were only 8 thumbs up separating the two. The friendly doctor Newtyll did not fair so well.  The one time champion of the masses fell to an embarrassing fourth place in the number of thumbs up.

Distraught by his sudden drop in popularity among the commoners, Dr. Newtyll became very, very upset.  While most of the nastiest rumors about the good doctor came from the idiot, Dr. Newtyll took all his fury out on the tall businessman.  Dr. Newtyll was obsessed in anger, but this anger did not help his standings with the commoners. 

So, the brilliant doctor  invented this potion he thought could make him popular again. Gulping the potion down one night in his laboratory, Dr. Newtyll started to shake and shake. The smile on his face turned to a terror frightening scowl. The friendly Dr. Newtyll had disappeared. All of a sudden this new man, Mr. Gingpoor appeared.   All remnants of Dr. Newtyll were gone.

Mr. Gingpoor walked out of the lab into the streets yelling, "the businessman's a liar." "The saint, yeah he could be my partner, but he would be a junior partner." You could hear the gasps of  "Oh My's" from the shocked people in the streets. They were stunned of the vitriol coming from this frown faced Mr. Gingpoor. Each night Mr. Gingpoor came into the streets yelling unthinkable things to the commoners. "The tall businessman  is a moderate, he's not like me. Mr. O will have no trouble winning a discussion from the businessman."   Woman rushed to the streets gathering their children to take them away from the frightening comments of Mr. Gingpoor.  Cries came out from the commoners, "if only we had the good Dr.Newtyll back." "We are not safe on the streets with this evil Mr. Gingpoor."

Realizing that this Gingpoor guy was scaring the masses, Dr. Newtyll tried in vain to find the anecdote to turn Mr. Gingpoor back to the good doctor.   Each time he came close, Mr. Gingpoor cried, "away, away, I am here to stay"   "The businessman lies, the businessman lies."

As another meeting is about to take place in Old Hamp Shire, the good Dr.Newtyll is still somewhere in the bowels of Mr. Gingpoor.  As it looks like the commoners are turning more and more to make the tall businessman their leader, Mr. Gingpoor becomes angrier and angrier. He thinks to himself, "If I can't become the leader of the Ultimate Singers of Alto, I want to make sure the businessman can't either."

This strange case of the angry Mr. Gingpoor has become the sad case, indeed, for the amiable Dr. Newtyll.
Update: Having just watched a replay of all of those still up to be the leader of the Green Oak Place from the All Bowling Commoners, I am sure I saw the good Dr. Newtyll emerge.  He emerged in the body of the tall businessman who went out of his way praising all the others in the talks; he even praised the evil Mr. Gingpoor.

This is a strange case indeed.


bradley said...

great tale big mike, reads like fiction but is so non-fiction!

Wendy said...

What a wonderfully written tale of such a schizophrenic party in a country that is a tale of two cities! I was engaged and amused.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad and Wendy!

Anonymous said...

Flipping awesome, Michael.


Big Mike said...

Thanks conservative LA...and You the man!!

Anonymous said...

No YOU! :)

Cathy York said...

What a great summary, Michael; very nice job, indeed!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Cathy!