Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tales Exclusive: Obama's Campaign Promises For 2012

Breaking News: Tales learns, from Harry Reid's anonymous source, of the campaign promises president Obama will reveal to the American people for his second term in office, if re-elected.

Here are the words taken directly from the donkey's mouth or from the donkey's donkey about what he will promise to the American people soon: 

1. "I will cut in half the deficit I inherited from my predecessor."

2."I will close Guantanamo Bay by the end of the first year of this term."

3. "I will keep the unemployment rate under 8%."

4. "I will cut the national debt of my predecessor, which has been irresponsible and unpatriotic."

5. "I will veto any bill that contains ear-marks."

6. "I will, just by my presence, end the Muslim unrest in the Middle East."

7. "When I am re-elected, that will be the day when the rise of the oceans begin to slow and the planet begins to heal."

8. "I will bring Democrats and Republicans together to pass entitlement reform."

9. "I will pass immigration reform by the end of the first year of this term."

10. "I will pass a Health Care Bill that will cut the cost of a typical family's health insurance premium by up to $2500 a year."

Yes, Tales is proud to be the first blog to get this ground breaking news of the promises the great one will make if he is re-elected. Wait a second....hold it.... I am just getting a call from dirty Harry's source that these are not promises that Obama made for his second term.   These are promises he made before his first presidential election.    Never mind.
American people, let's get serious for a second.  Except for his not keeping his promise to close Gitmo in his first year [that promise I am glad he could not keep], the other promises he did not keep are seriously damaging this economy and this country.

Pray tell me, if Obama couldn't even come close to accomplishing those promises in his first term, does anyone honestly think he will do so if we give him another four years?

I will answer my own question.  Not only won't those promises be kept in his second term, things in this country will get worse, a lot worse. For that reason alone this country can not stand another four years of this man.  Wake up, America.


Anonymous said...

41 lightning speed days and we will see what direction our nation will face. I pray we make the right choice & see if Romney can steer us in a course that will begin mending. If Obama is elected, we're toast as we knew it. Period. I wish I were wrong. But I'm not. Unfortunately. Pastor John Hagee (San Antonio TX) Christians United For Israel has a #40DaysOfPrayer for our nation beginning tomorrow 28th - November 6th I know I will be praying.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

I'll be praying with you Krissy these next 40 days!