Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mr. President, Why Do You Have A Problem Calling Muslim Terrorists, Muslim Terrorists?

Tales on Vacation: Oh, Canada---Repeat Post [from September of 2012]

I just witnessed the somber ceremony of the return to Andrew Air Force Base of the bodies of the 4 diplomats who were brutally murdered in a planned attack by Muslim terrorists in Libya.

President Obama in his remarks never mentioned that they were killed by Muslim terrorists. Instead he said these four "sacrificed" and "laid down their lives for their country".   Mr. president, these weren't soldiers in a battle of war, these were innocent diplomats who were brutally attacked and murdered by a mob of Muslim terrorists.  That would be like saying that the almost 3000 killed by the Muslim terrorists on 9-11 in the twin towers laid down their lives for their country. No. Inhuman savages killed those innocent men, women and children in a horrible way.

My brother Brad was so upset he copied and pasted his FaceBook remarks on the president's words:

"Mr Obama, at the eulogy for the 4 Americans today at 12:50pm ET, you stated that "they laid down their bodies for America"-- in all due respect sir, you are dead wrong. They did NOT lay down their bodies, rather they were brutally murdered by Muslim terrorists in a coordinated attack on the anniversary of 9-11!!  Why do you have so much trouble calling Muslim terror for what it is!"

Brother Brad, that says it all.   Thank you brother for so eloquently expressing the thoughts of millions of Americans.   You are a great patriot.  I am sorry to say I cannot say that about our commander-in-chief.

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