Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's hope the terrorists don't get a hold of this. [repost from Nov 24, 2010]

Tales on vacation, re-post from Nov. 24, 2010:

The most absurd reason from administration officials on why there are all these pat downs of Americans at the airport is: 'If we stop patting down 80 year old great grandmothers or 6 year old kids, then that is exactly who the terrorists will use to blow up the plane.'  Oh, really?    And how, pray tell me, will they do that?

I can just imagine this conversation in the mountainous regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan taking place between the terrorists Mohammad and Ahmed:

"Ahmed, we have scoped wide and far the city of Poughkeepsie and found the perfect 80 year old great grandma to carry out our wonderful plot...we will get her to wear our new and improved suicide bra."

"But Mohammad, haven't you heard, The American people have elected a very smart man as president and he is having 80 year old women patted down. She will be found out."

"I can't believe they have elected such a smart man. OK, Ahmed I guess we will have to go to our secondary plan. We have found this family from Omaha that is going to take a vacation in Florida next month. All praise be to Allah, they have a 6 year old son!  We will convince that boy to commit suicide for the Jihad."

"Mohammad you haven't been watching CNN. That man Obama is a genius. He has appointed the brilliant Janet Nepalitano and together they are making 6 year olds go thru the pat down procedure too. We are doomed Ahmed."

"Not so fast donkey brain. Who is the one man who will not have to go thru the body scan or the pat down? ... yes, it is the president of the United States. We can use him as our suicide bomber."

"But Ahmed, the president will not have a round trip ticket, he will have no luggage and his middle name is Hussein.......they will surely pat him down."

"Mo, Mo, Mo don't you know the president flies on Air Force One and they never pat him down.

We have outsmarted the infidels, big Mo!!"

"Give me a high five..........................................NO, your hand not your foot."


KosherWineGuy said...

Very funny Mike. Ahmed and Mo's cave. They also probably voted against Prop 8 in California two years a ago.

Big Mike said...

Thanks kosher wine guy!!!