Friday, September 14, 2012

Cruise From New York, New York to Oh, Canada

I hope you don't mind this personal post for family and friends of recent [first ever] cruise for the fetching Mrs B and me and my daughter and her husband.  It plays best if you use full screen.

Starring: Sheralyn as the fetching Mrs B, Ebony as the awesome daughter, Big John as the good son in law and some old white guy, still unknown at this time.


bradley said...

glad you guys had a fun trip to some historic places--- nnext up try the alaskan cruise---awesome amazing totally different

Big Mike said...

Thanks for recommendation bro!

Anonymous said...

Well, I sure enjoyed those pictures. Haven't been to Canada since I was a little girl. You have a beautiful family. So glad that you had this special time to take with them. "Old White Guy, I think you love your family and country!" It's a good thing. ;-)
Krissy in ATX where today they evacuated UT due to a bomb threat.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy!! Yep,I saw that about UT bomb threat...but don't worry I'm sure president Obama will be right on the case, after he gets done yucking it up in another fund raiser.