Monday, August 6, 2012

Will The Cruz Win Influence Romney's VP Selection?

'Tales' has been making the argument that John Roberts poor decision upholding the individual mandate of Obamacare would wake up a sleeping giant of fiscal and constitutional conservatives. Tales predicted this would first manifest itself in the Ted Cruz/David Dewhurst runoff in Texas.  It sure did, as Ted Cruz's already excited conservative/tea party base was exponentially energized by election day; that resulted in the Cruz landslide win.  Make no mistake, the tea party didn't just support Cruz, they campaigned, and excited their communities to join the Cruz express. These conservatives would have walked over broken glass to make sure they and their fellow patriots came out to vote for Ted Cruz.

While this happened in conservative Texas, I believe there are constitutional, patriotic, Americans all over this country who want fiscal sanity to be restored, over burdensome federal regulations to end, and a strong military to be upheld.   'Tales' believes that Mitt Romney should do everything in his power to utilize this sleeping giant of conservative Americans to propel his campaign to a big victory.  These constitutional patriotic Americans will be the grass roots that will light a fire for Romney in a majority of states [many of them battleground states].  While, yes, conservatives will vote for Romney anyway, he should strive to get  the grass roots fire power that the tea party conservatives can deliver.  It worked for Ted Cruz in Texas. It can work for Mitt Romney all over America.

So, how does Romney do this?

A big way to excite the tea party/constitutional conservative fervor throughout the country is for Mitt Romney to make a vice presidential choice that will be popular with this conservative base.   A few of the popular choices that would excite the tea party base are Paul Ryan, congressman-WI, Marco Rubio, Senator-FL, and Bobby Jindal, governor-LA.  If Romney were to choose anyone one of these popular tea party people, you would hear a cheer from conservatives rising throughout the country.   The Democrats could pour broken glass all over entrances to the polls, it wouldn't matter.  Here we come baby.

There are pundits who think and say that Romney should choose a safe choice of a Tim Pawlenty, MN or a Rob Portman, OH.  I want to make this clear.  If  Romney does choose one of these good men, I, and I think almost all conservatives, will support him 100% .   I am just worried this could be like in football,  sometimes when a coach plays it safe, i.e., plays not to lose, that is exactly what causes the team to lose. Tales thinks that Romney can win with a Portman or Pawlenty, but would feel more confident of a big win with a bolder pick.

Tales hopes that Mr. Romney will go for it and play to win and win big.  Make the bold case that will excite the tea party and the nation, Mitt.

Go for the two R ticket, Mitt:     Romney/Ryan or Romney/Rubio


Anonymous said...

The person chosen for vice president is important and it may or may not energize the base. One other factor that would energize the base is if the republican party would stop being doormats. I personally wish that they would grow a couple. I love the principals that the republican party stands for, but it aggrevates me to the extreme the way that they refuse to fight fire with fire. The party seems content to be doormats for any and everything that is dished out by the DADS(Dumb as DemocratS). If you're a doormat, you'll continue to get footprints on your forehead. Republicans have to fight as vigorously for what they believe as the Democrats do for what they tell their base that they believe. If the Republicans would just show some fire instead of being whimps, that would energize the base. Obama wants to know whose ass he has to kick and my response is that unless we get to doing a better job of fighting for what we want, it's going to be ours again. When you're dealing with a thug, a strategy adjustment has to be made, otherwise is like going to a gun fight with a water pistol when your opponent has a semi. I'm just saying,if you're playing the game, play to win; or go down with the best fight your opponent has ever been in. Let there be no doubt that you were there. Being a gentleman has it's place, but this campaign is going to require more.


Big Mike said...

After that great response from the fetching Mrs. B does anyone think Mr B is going to disagree. :-))

Anonymous said...

Wowie Mrs "B" You need to send that directly to the Romney campaign. You hit that right on Spot. I love that DADS "Dum as DemocratS" <= Is there a hashtag for that one? If not should be.

Krissy in ATX

PS. I total agree with Tales on the R for VP!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy! Mrs B will like that!! :-)))