Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Will Americans Really Accept This New Norm?

We have now reached an unprecedented  >8%  unemployment rate for 42 straight months in the United States of America.   America has never experienced this before in our history.  Now we hear the unscrupulous Obama sycophant mainstream media ask if this is the new norm in America. They are implying this is the best America can do and no president can make a difference with this new norm.  Of course they are saying that so that [they are hoping] Americans will stick with  president Obama because, according to them, Mitt Romney [and no man] can bring down the unemployment rate under 8%.

I would hate to think that this is really a new norm in America.  I certainly don't want to re-elect president Obama to find out.

Now there is another deleterious new norm that seems to be taking place [if a change isn't made] that no one is really talking about--$3/gal gasoline.

These statistics come from the gas buddy.com chart:   The last time in America's history gas prices rose over $3/gallon was for 9 months during George W Bush's administration, from March to September of 2008.  Then the prices shot down to $1.61/gallon by January of 2009 before Barack Obama took office. 

Now in the Obama administration we have had an unprecedented [in America's history] 18 straight months of gas prices over $3/gallon.  From March of 2011 until today.  There seems like there is no end in sight.

The mainstream media which went crazy when gas prices even went over $2/gallon during the Bush administration are amazingly, but not surprisingly, suddenly quiet about high gas prices. So, I guess this is not news to the liberal media, which I guess means they believe this a new norm too that the American people will just have to accept. 

So, we seem to have two new norms being developed under the Obama administration. 8% unemployment and above $3/gallon gasoline.   Are you telling me the great people of this country have fallen so far that we will just accept this new norm by re-electing Barack Obama?  I just cannot accept that Americans will accept that.  Then again, I never thought America would vote for a presidential candidate who went to a church for 20 years, that featured an anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-American pastor that said "xxx Damn America", and said gleefully, a week after 3000 Americans were slaughtered by Muslim terrorists on 9-11, that "Americans chicken's have come home to roost".

No president has been re-elected with even close to this unemployment rate and no president has ever been re-elected with gas prices this high for this long.  I pray that this doesn't change now.  I just cannot believe in my heart that this will change now.

We are still Americans.  We are still a great country [as of now].  We deserve better than what this guy has given us.  A lot better. 


bradley said...

Additionally big mike, the interest rates have been lowered so dramatically artificially because of the terrible recovery and bad business environment, the elderly , who rely on dividends from fixed income retirement savings, are taking a beating with no income possible -- are they and AARP going to accept that as the norm, by sticking their heads in the sand and supporting Obama just because it is traditional libralism to do so ??

Traditional liberal voters better wake up , or the new norm you talk about will change our society forever!

Brad beckman

Big Mike said...

Good points brother Brad.

Joel said...

I also heard on Rush this morning that Howard Fineman cited Britain as an example for the U.S. of how a great empire can decline gracefully!! As Rush said, to be a doormat? NO!!! Michael, I certainly hope that Americans do not accept these things as the new normal. I worry, also, that the record number on food stamps will accept that as the new normal. It is frightening to think of how America would change. We have always been the beacon of hope, opportunity, and freedom for all. Perhaps Romney needs to articulate this more clearly.

Big Mike said...

Yes, Joel I heard that also. Yes, Joel you and Brad have given great points of other things I could have added that could turn out to be the new norm in Amrica if Obama is re-elected, God forbid. Food stamps is a great point Joel. Another record by this administration-- another Obama record that is damaging our country tremendously. Four more years of records and new norms because of bad policies by Obama and we no longer will be the great
exceptional country we have been.