Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What High Gas Prices?--George W Bush Isn't President

Will this post I originally did on February 16, 2012 ever become moot?  This post is even more relevant today, more than two years later.  I am re-posting this once again as I have seen on Drudge and talk elsewhere of worry about how high gas prices this summer could hurt the economy.  What?  The high gas prices have been with us the entire Barack Obama presidency, and now some people are starting to notice?  

UPDATE: We have now had gas prices over $3/gallon for 40 straight months, shattering the record of 17 straight months under George W. Bush. 

Let me say that again:  It is 40 straight months of gas prices over $3/gal.

I have asked years ago, 'is this the new norm?'  Well now that we have these statements from AAA [made in Sept. of 2013] - unfortunately, the answer may be YES. 

Chris Plaushin, director of federal relations with AAA, told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee [Sept. 2013] at a hearing this week on fuel prices that motorists shouldn’t expect gasoline prices to ever fall below $3 again.  Also, Bob Darbelnet, president and chief executive officer at AAA, said $3 per gallon gasoline is likely a thing of the past.

Please read this original post that is over two years old.  Think about how amazing that is.

  What High Gas Prices?-George W Bush Isn't President   [2/16/12]

President George W Bush - In office when high gas prices mattered
I know if you think back to when George W Bush was president you will remember how the news media and the Democrats decried the gas prices when they even neared $2 a gallon and above.  Every single day it seemed like on the national and local news you heard stories of how the high gas prices were hurting the average American.  Democrats in and out of office blamed "the Texas cowboy/oilman" Bush and "Halliburton" Cheney for the high gas prices.  I remember even on the local Houston media, there was a story every single day of where Houstonians could find the cheapest gas stations in town because, as they kept telling us, gas prices were outrageously high.  The Democrats, along with the lame stream media, were almost in glee because the higher the gas prices were under Bush, the lower his approval ratings were.  The news media fueled it.
Here are just a few headlines at the time:

April 25, 2006:  Democrat Bob Fertik: "Bush's policies have raised gasoline prices from an 8-year average of $1.15 under President Clinton to $3 today"

April 26, 2006 :   High gas prices fuel further decline in Bush's poll ratings [gas prices just under $3.00/gal]

In 2006: "Impeach Bush/Cheney" petition was circulated [as gas prices were $2.65/gal]

In 2007: "How Bush pushed gas prices sky high."
Now we are in a new administration and the sustained high gas prices under president Obama [over $2/gal, and now over $3/gal] has been one of the most under reported stories of the liberal media.  The yells when Bush was president were loud and sustained when gas prices even neared $2/gal.  When they went above that to $3 and up to $4/gal for a short time, that [along with how many troops were being killed in Iraq] was the story of the day, every day.

From the Media Research Center:  "As gas prices rose in 2008, network reporters mentioned President Bush in 15 times as many stories, than they brought up President Obama in a similar period in 2011."
Now we are in February of 2012.  Gas prices have nearly doubled from when the "evil" Bush handed off the presidency to the great one and it seems like the high gas prices just don't matter that much anymore.

Where are the constant stories about how Americans are suffering under these high gas prices?  Where are the stories of how these high gas prices are Obama/Biden's fault?  Where is my local media telling me where I can find the cheapest gas in Houston, every single day?

Where is the outrage now?

The silence of the media about the high gas prices under president Obama is deafening.

President Barack Obama - What, me worry?
Because the media is not pounding on the high gas prices every single day, like they did with Bush, Obama's poll numbers are not falling relative with the rising of the gas prices. Good job, Obama sycophants in the media.  You are miracle workers and have made the public numb to high gas prices.  I guess high gas prices are the new norm.  Cancel that thought-Eventually we will have a new president.  That will be the time the liberal media discovers there is such a thing as high gas prices again.  But as long as Barack Obama is commander-in-chief, it will be - What high gas prices?

Nothing to see here-George W. Bush isn't president


Unknown said...

Medved asked the most poignant question, for me at least, yesterday on his show: What is Obama doing for the working poor? What has he done? Answer: Nothing. The gas prices are the icing on the cake!

Big Mike said...

You are correct big Travis!

Anonymous said...

And if you recall Michael, it was brief, the highest of prices during that orchestrated push to get Obama over the line. The lamestream media, the Soros $, WallStreet, the world influence etc etc. All to get the USA weakened through this evil in our WhiteHouse. General Electric, The Union thuggery Blah Blah Blah All designed to eventual goal of One World Government. Seems to be working. Our Judeo Christian roots are under attack. Our forefathers are spinning in their graves.

Krissy in Austin

Big Mike said...

We've got to do everything in our power Krissy to make sure we take back our country this November. We must not let the liberal media win this time!
Thanks Krissy!

Greg in Illinois said...

I second and third your comments. I just commented on Krissys post at facebook that it is vital to the future of our country to vote out the worst President America has ever elected. The media in this country has become so unbalanced and hypocritical it is appalling and they need to search their souls from head to foot if they even have faith.And if they had faith, how could they stand for what he and his administration are doing a war on faith and religion in our country. Yea, the founders are indeed spinning in their graves. May God open the eyes, hearts and souls of people of good will and vote him out soundly in November.

P.S.And don't get me started on what he is doing or not doing to Israel!

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much Greg!! Amen about your comments on Israel. God Bless!

no party said...

You are all wet Tinkerbell Mikey.
Can't you remember what Bush done to your country?

Big Mike said...

Yes, he kept us safe from terrorist attacks after 9-11 unlike this president: Ft. Hood--Benghazi...and he kept America a strong exceptional country. Yes, I remember what president Bush has done for us and I say God Bless him.

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Anonymous said...

America always averaged 4 gallons of gas per minimum wage ratio until after hurricane Katrina in 2005. You could count on decent gas prices to allow us to keep gas in the car, take the kids to school, go to those restaurants, buy that extra pair of jeans, in other words, support our frickin economy. After Katrina [and under the clueless watch of George Bush] gas prices never receded back to the normal level. In 2006, Exxon/Mobil made the most profits than any company in AMERICAN HISTORY! Did you catch that last part Big Mike? GOOGLE IT! Why? Because they pretty much had the green light to basically GOUGE Americans that were already struggling with a weak housing industry. Hey! There's a good idea! Let's help the weak economy by tripling the gas prices. Don't worry. America is too stupid to realize what we're doing, and we'll make some serious loot! There are plenty of idiots, like this Big Mike, that will always kiss our ass! Now then, since people aren't spending money [thanks to the Republican CEO'd oil companies gouging our asses] you got stores cutting back hours, you got people laid off, then finally doors, and businesses closing. That takes about two years for the trickle down affect. That puts us at about 2008. Oh yeah, that was the summer of the worst recession since the Great Depression! Good job Bush!

Big Mike said...

I pray 6 years after Obama leaves office I won't be obsessed with hatred if him as you have with Bush. I will also pray for you that your obsession of Bush hatred ends.

Anonymous said...

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