Friday, August 31, 2012

Vacation Week For The Tales

The fetching Mrs. B and I are going with our daughter and son in law on our first ever cruise [Canadian] starting this weekend and through next week.  So, Tales will not be posting anything new during this period.

So, I will pre-time some oldie but goodie posts [I hope you like].  On the next two weekends I will continue the classical music theme on the Tales with some classical re-posts.  During the week I will post some, of what I feel, are some of the better satires from the Tales.   I will put the original date in the opening of those satires, so try and keep in mind the political situations during that time [which will make them seem more relevant].

If you haven't seen the satires, I hope you will check them out this week.  Thanks to all of the loyal Tales readers.  We are a small blog, but appreciate each and every one of those who read the Tales.

Every blessing to all!


strongthought said...

Have a safe and happy trip! I would love this cruise to my ancestral homelands. It will be beautiful... Blessings to you and the Mrs.

bradley said...

Nova scotia and prince Edward island , one of the most beautiful areas in our great continent!!!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Carolyn!! Oh, Canada!!!

Big Mike said...

Woo Hoo brother Brad!!