Friday, August 24, 2012

The RJC's Great New Ads For Those With Buyer's Remorse

Thanks Republican Jewish Coalition for some recent great ads, aimed mainly at Jewish Obama supporters in 2008, who now have buyers remorse about voting for Obama and his failed hope and change campaign.  While aimed at Jewish Americans, hopefully these ads will appeal to all Obama supporters of 2008 who are now having buyer's remorse.

These ads of Jewish voters who voted for president Obama in 2008, who tell their stories of why they have buyers remorse and will now be voting for Mitt Romney in 2012. The Republican Jewish Coalition has set up a unique web site for Jews to tell of their buyers remorse stories on  My Buyers Remorse web site

It is okay to make the change in 2012.

Romney/Ryan 2012!

The first ad is from the RJC's "backtrack" series of ads, showing how Barack Obama has backtracked on his views of Israel from his campaigning days before the 2008 election, to his views and actions after he became president. This was from a couple of weeks ago.


This second ad is one of the new "Buyer's Remorse" Ads I talked about in this post.

Buyer's Remorse from Brad:

I am a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and welcome everyone, Jewish or not to join by clicking here.

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