Thursday, August 30, 2012

Their First Decision Is All You Need To Know

Wow, what a great night at the Republican National Convention.  Condoleza Rice and Paul Ryan didn't just wow the audience in Florida, they wowed the nation. When you have the great Dr. Charles Krauthammer impressed with all the speeches on Wednesday night, you have done something special.

I truly believe Mitt Romney has just won the election by Wednesday night speeches. Condoeza Rice was stunning, elegant, confident and awe inspiring.  Paul Ryan gave a straight forward, intelligent, Midwestern valued riveting speech. "Do you want to live in a country where everything is free..... except you?"

Home runs don't give these speeches their due.  These were walk off grand slam home runs.

After watching Paul Ryan tonight [Wednesday] is there anything clearer about the judgement of the two presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney than the first major decisions each had to make.

Mitt Romney's first decision was to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate.  Barack Obama's first decision was to choose Joe Biden as his running mate.  And with that I say checkmate for Mitt Romney.

If you knew nothing else about these two men, just think about the first major decision they had to make, and I think that alone will have you agree with me that Mitt Romney needs to be voted in as president in Nov. 2012.

Romney/Ryan 2012!

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