Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thank You Wisconsin!

I love my state of Texas, but in 2012 I have to give it up for the great state of Wisconsin.  Think about it, does any other state have three people that will be so determinative in the future direction of this country than Wisconsin.  Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, Reince Priebus, the chairman of the RNC, and now Paul Ryan, congressman and VP selection of Mitt Romney for the GOP, are three of the most important men in the nation right now.

You have Scott Walker, the great reform minded conservative governor, who courageously took on the public sector unions in order to keep his campaign promise to the people of Wisconsin to bring Wisconsin's fiscal and economic house back in order.  For his efforts, he was lambasted by not just the liberals, Democrats and unions in Wisconsin, but also from liberal Democrats all over this nation.  They poured in money and people into Wisconsin in a recall effort to remove this principled man.   Scott Walker never flinched and won his recall election by more votes than he received in his first election.  When you try to bring down the king you better kill him or he will become even stronger.  This is exactly the standing now of Scott Walker.  He is not just a big player in Wisconsin, but because he successfully crushed the recall effort of unions and Democrat money from all over the nation, he is now a national player.  For the significance that the Scott Walker recall election meant for the country, check out my post: Larry O'Connor on the Canary in The Coal Mine Election

When Reince Priebus was first announced as the RNC chairman, I wasn't sure how good he could be. He has shown to be as good as it gets.  Since I can remember, this is the best chariman of the Republican Party, hands down. Reince has brought the party together, totally united in one mission to electing Mitt Romney and defeating Barack Obama in 2012.  He is a man who is not bound by all the political correctness awash in today's America.  He tells it like it is and then stands by his words.   As a fund raiser for Romney and the Republican Party, has there ever been a better one?   Romney and the RNC are crushing the Democrats.  Remember many months ago when the GOP nomination process just began how the Democrats were gleefully laughing how Obama was going to put on a money raising effort never seen, raising over 1 billion dollars that would crush the GOP's nominee.  They were literally laughing out loud.   They're not laughing now.   Please check out my post: Thank You Reince Priebus.

Now to complete this triumvirate of greatness from Wisconsin patriots, we have congressman Paul Ryan just chosen by Governor Mitt Romney as his vice presidential nominee. What an electrifying pick.  I don't think I can say more than I did in yesterday's post:   Mr. Romney's Bold VP Pick Will Soon Make Him Mr. President

Forget about the so called expert pundits that say the vice presidential candidate means nothing in changing votes. With Scott Walker's great triumph in the recall election and now Paul Ryan's selection as Romney's running mate, that has to give Mitt Romney the edge to win Wisconsin, in my opinion.  Remember, it was the same expert pundits that said Scott Walker would be in trouble in his recall election. Reince Priebus, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan will be the important players in helping Mitt Romney win Wisconsin for the GOP in 2012.  And if the GOP wins Wisconsin, it wins the election.

Paul Ryan said it right during the Scott Walker recall election.  Paraphrasing, congressman Ryan: "vote for Scott Walker to save Wisconsin, and then Wisconsin will vote for Mitt Romney to save the nation".

In 2000 it was all about Florida, in 2004 it was all about Ohio, in 2012 it will all be about Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin, baby:

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