Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thank You, Reince Priebus [Re-Post With Updates]

I was so excited by the gutsy, strong words RNC chairman, Reince Priebus used in calling out Harry Reid, I wanted to re-post this Tales post from two months ago [with updates]:

We all are good at criticizing those we feel have let us down, but don't speak up as much for those who are doing a good job on our behalf.  In the case of our great Chairman of the RNC, Reince Priebus, I say that should change. So, Tales wants to recognize Reince Priebus for the great job he is doing.

I am not here to name all of the faults of the last RNC chairman, as I want this post to be all positive. That said, what a refreshing change with Reince Priebus as our chairman now.  He is doing a magnificent job especially in three areas: uniting the party, raising money, and creating a good ground game.

1. He has united the party in one mission, to defeat Barack Obama. Everyone was saying, with such a bruising primary contest in the GOP, it would be hard to bring the party together behind our nominee. But Reince and Romney have done it. The GOP is totally united now.

2. Unlike the past, Reince Priebus has been fantastic at raising money for the GOP.   The GOP out raised the Dems in the last quarter of 2011.  And this from The USA Today:  "Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee raised a combined $76.8 million last month, outpacing President Obama and his Democratic allies. The Democrats raised $60 million in May".

Update: Now we have found out Mitt Romney has out raised president Obama by a big margin in June and July, also.  So, now we have 3 straight months where Mitt Romney [with help from the RNC] has out raised president Obama.

3. The RNC with a tremendous grass roots effort has created a good ground game in the states. That ground game was crucial in the big win of Scott Walker winning his recall in a big way in Wisconsin.That election was all about turnout, and the GOP won that battle hands down.

Those three things that chairman Priebus is coordinating so magnificently, will be crucial in the GOP winning in 2012.

Also, Reince Priebus  is a magnificent, articulate defender of the GOP every time I have heard him.  I have heard him on every occasion state in an impassioned voice that the nation would be disastrously hurt with another four years of Barack Obama, and also state without hesitation that the GOP is here to save America.  When not on TV or radio, chairman Priebus is using the social media outlets of twitter and Facebook in getting out the GOP message.  That was thought to be a Democrat advantage, but no more with Reince Priebus at the helm.

While Reince Priebus is omnipresent, he is not making this about himself.  It is all about the Republican Party. I really like that about him.

I say, great job, Reince Priebus!    Thank you!  If you are not the greatest RNC chairman of all time, it doesn't take long to call the roll.

With you as our chairman, it is on to victory for the GOP in November, 2012!
Update: this is the video from ABC's This Week interview of Chairman Priebus with George Stephanopolous that got me standing up and cheering!  Finally, a Republican with the cojones to stand up to the dirty lying liberal Democrats.


bradley said...

Thanks for that update on an important cog in the election strategy and reminding us of a man we often forget about!' keep up the good work big mike

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Brad!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Brad. Thank You so much for reminding us what a good job Reince Priebus is doing for the GOP. He is focusing on bringing us together, not making himself the spotlight and pointing out the grave importance on voting this administration out of office.

Great piece Michael!

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy. I love reading your great comments on my posts. You are a great patriot!!