Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paul Ryan, Extremist? Not to This Prominent Democrat

We are now seeing the Obama administration, through surrogates like the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, trying desperately to paint Mitt Romney's VP selection, Paul Ryan, as an extremist.   They are doing this because they are actually frightened that the American people will see the brilliance of this man. They know how serious and reasonable [not extreme] Paul Ryan actually is. The liberal Democrats know if they don't damage him early [like in this first week of his becoming the GOP nominee for VP] then they will never damage him, as his intellect will shine through to the people.

The good news fellow patriots, the Obama slime attack will not work against Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan won't let it happen as his intellect will help him fight back, not in personal attacks on the other side, but in factual repudiation of anything the lying liberals will throw at him.

The way they are trying to show that Ryan is an extremist is by his wanting to reform medicare [for those under 55 years old- which the Democrats never mention and don't want you to know]. But it isn't working as the Republicans have immediately fought back noting that there is only one person who is actually taking money from medicare [over 700 billion dollars], and that is president Barack Obama.  As Paul Ryan has said president Obama is stealing that money from medicare to pay for the uninsured in his ObamaCare.  So, Barack Obama is the only person who is stealing money from Grandma to give to younger people who don't have insurance. The next time you see a Democrat ad of someone throwing "Granny" off the cliff, think of Barack Obama.

Also, another reason the Democrats attack won't work against Ryan is because too many Democrats have worked with this man and know of  his brilliance and seriousness.

One such  leading Democrat, Erskine Bowles who was Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff in his first term, had nothing but praise for Paul Ryan late last year.  Don't worry that the Obama administration Chicago thugs might get to Bowles and make him change his tune, like they did the mayor of Newark, Corey Booker. No matter.  This video shows what Bowles really feels about Paul Ryan, the man, unfiltered through any election pressure.


bradley said...

Letting Medicare go down the tubes because of a refusal to face the truth about the need for a real fix IS extreme and that extreme is the liberal left agenda---- attacking business with unreasonable regulations and taxeas resulting in historic long term unemployment IS extreme and that extra me is the liberal left agenda--- tripling of the deficit with zero desire to cut spending IS extreme and that is the liberal left agenda--- bring racism into the forefront (Biden says republicans will put blacks back in chains) IS extreme--- no desire to become energy independent ( Obama refusal to permit getting oil and other energy sources , no new nuclear plant permits, making fracking for natural gas sources difficult,) IS extreme and that is the liberal left agenda--- attacking the successful entrepreneurs and successful businesses as pariahs that don't pay their fair share IS extreme--- the party and candidate that embodies extremism is Obama 's machine no doubt!!!!!

Big Mike said...

My brother you hit the nail on the head!! Thanks Brad!

Anonymous said...

Good point Michael. I think Ryan will stand his own. But I think far too many are drinking the Kool Aid. They just think the MSM care about them. I just don't understand with the volumes of ways to investigate on our own why so many don't take the valuable time given to ensure a brighter future for our children's children. Sadly it won't be if Obama is re-elected. I agree with you that your brother Bradley hit the nail on the head! Where did common sense go?

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy for comments about my post and about my brother's great comments!