Monday, August 13, 2012

Mr. Romney's Bold VP Pick Will Make Him Mr. President

Bravo, Mitt Romney!  You made the bold pick that Tales was hoping for [of either Ryan or Rubio].
Check out Hugh Hewitt's analysis days before the pick of who would be Mitt Romney's choice under the various scenarios.

Paul Ryan is the choice that will propel the GOP to victory in 2012!   Tales said how the tea party was energized for Ted Cruz in his runoff race against David Dewhurst for the GOP nomination for the US Senate [in Texas], and used that energy to propel Cruz to a landslide upset of Dewhurst.  Tales also said in that post that  Mitt Romney could garner that same much needed energy throughout the country if he were to pick a Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio as his running mate.  Governor Mitt Romney did just that by this bold pick of Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  That is why soon Governor Romney will be known as President Romney.

This move will surely energize the tea party and conservative base to unseen heights for Governor Romney. This has already been shown in the huge enthusiastic crowds that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have had since the announcement and also in the breath taking 4 million dollars raised in the 24 hours after the announcement.  But it will do more than that.  Tales predicts that the youthful gentleman, Paul Ryan, will be able to attract the most needed undecided swing voters with his calm, frank Midwest straight talk style.

While Ryan will be attacking the Obama administration, it will not be on personality [like the Obama campaign is disgustingly doing], but it will be on policy. The independents, not just in Wisconsin, but in Iowa, Missouri, Ohio and Michigan will like this approach.  While on one side [GOP] you will have two gentlemen making their case with facts on policy matters in a non personal way, on the other side you will have the slime ball Chicago style attack machine in action.  Chicago style politics may work with Obama's liberal base, but it won't work with the independents in those swing states.   Why does Tales think this?  Because you can look at the history of Ryan winning independent votes in his Democrat leaning district in Wisconsin, time and again.  If he can do that in one of the most "progressive" states in America, he surely can help Romney do that in places like Ohio and Iowa and Michigan.

Ryan's youth and energy and new ideas may actually help garner a greater percentage of the young vote for the ticket.  One thing we know for certain.  Because of the unique, once in a lifetime "hope and change" candidacy of an African American making history in 2008 that propelled various groups, like African Americans and young people to vote in numbers like never before in history, this will not be repeated in 2012.  While indeed Barack Obama will indeed win a majority of  blacks, young people, Jews, and Hispanics, he will not get quite the percentage in those groups as he did in 2008.  Plus, there is no way he will get the voter turnout in those groups as he did four years ago.  Just that fact alone will make this presidential race competitive.  The bad economy along with the high gas prices has given Mitt Romney the edge in the race.  Now, I submit,  the Paul Ryan VP bold pick by Mitt Romney seals the deal.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be the next president and vice president of the United States.

"Tales" predicts [just as it did correctly in the Cruz runoff race] that it will not really be close in the end.  While the polls may show a close race for a while, the closer we get to the election the polls will break strong for the GOP.   Tales crystal ball predicts a 7 point win by the GOP.  A 7 point win would translate to well above 300 electoral votes for the Romney/Ryan team.

Romney/Ryan 2012!       America's comeback team!
For any you with lingering doubts about Paul Ryan's ability to stand up to the president or to articulate his positions crisply and clearly,  they will be ended when you see this brilliance of Ryan taking on ObamaCare with president Obama sitting right across from him [at the early health care summit].  You know Paul Ryan made a good impression  on the president as you can almost see the steam come out of Obama's head when Ryan dismantles, piece by piece, the smoke and mirrors spending of ObamaCare.


Anonymous said...

Yahoo! A breath of fresh air when I got the VP text on my iPhone. There REALLY is hope. I do indeed believe this is a team of men. Tales, good going!

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Amen Krissy! Thanks.

Joel said...

I am simply thrilled and optimistic with this choice!! Paul Ryan will be able to answer any demagogic arguments and distortions that the Democrats throw at him about his budget plan. I believe that he can explain how his plan will save Medicare in the long run. He knows the details! Romney/Ryan 2012!!

Big Mike said...

Yes he will Joel. He will also be able to explain how it is really Obama is taking $700 billion dollars out of Medicare over next 10 years to pay for ObamaCare (I.e., he's taking money from people who have Medicare are or about to go on it to pay for people that don't have insurance.
Thanks Joel for those comments!!