Friday, August 17, 2012

Best RNC Ads I Can Ever Remember

Thank you Reince Priebeus and the RNC for stepping up to the plate and make the best political ads I can ever remember since I have been following politics.  Trust me, that is a long time.  I was going to show one ad, but before I could turn around, here comes another ad from the RNC. I think they should use these ads  from now until election day in all the battle ground states. What is great about theses ads, they don't use scary music, or demagogic rhetoric.  The people in these ads are soft spoken, but loud and in facts
that are devastating to president Obama.  They also use Obama's own words to make the case against him.  These ads should appeal to independents in a powerful way to vote for the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket.   I have said it before on this blog, I will say it again: Bravo, Reince Priebus and the RNC.

These are all great ads.  I can't even choose which one is the best.  Keep 'em coming RNC!

Not Working:

Hope and Change:


Anger and Division:

Big Solutions [By America's Comeback Team]:

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