Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Will Illegals Be Subjected To The Obamacare Tax?

So, let's see, president Obama issues an executive order basically stopping homeland security and the justice department from enforcing our illegal immigration laws for a certain class of illegals [30 and under, have lived here at least 5 years, etc.]  While this pertains to a certain segment of the illegal immigrants, because of all of the investigation and work that has to be done to determine who meets those qualifications and not, this basically ends the deportation of any illegal immigrant who has not committed a felony in this country. [check out Janet Nepalitano, the Homeland Security Commissioner, who has told Arizona it will ignore calls from their police about illegal immigrants]

The president touts that these immigrants, who came in through the back door with or without their parents, are just as good citizens and love this country just as much as any American citizen.  He says they want to follow the rules like everyone else.  Okay, Mr. president, my question is will you have the IRS coming down on these illegal immigrants [or if under 26, their parents] to see if they have health insurance?  And if they don't have it, will they be subjected to your Obamacare tax, like the rest of us if we don't have health insurance?  If they are not subjected to the tax, what does that mean?  Your spokesman have been saying the main reason for the tax [which they are still refusing to call it, despite the fact it has been deemed as such by the Supreme Court] is to stop those free loaders who don't have health insurance from using the emergency care facilities at our expense.  Then when these illegal immigrants have to use our emergency facilities and don't have health insurance and aren't required to pay the Obamacare tax, isn't that a burden on the legal citizens of this country?  So, in the future, when a healthy young legal American citizen who can't afford to pay for health insurance and would rather pay the tax, isn't he in effect being taxed so that illegal immigrants can receive emergency care.  Remember I am using your main argument of why you consider this tax [which you call a penalty] must be issued-so that a person won't be taking advantage of using our emergency facilities without having health insurance. 

Maybe I have missed this, but I would really like to know if illegal immigrants must purchase health insurance or be subjected to the Obmacare tax.   If they don't have to, I guess it means in your administration illegals never have to show their papers, but legal American citizens do.   And if they do have to pay the tax, I guess it means Arizona law officials can't ask potential illegal immigrants for papers, but the IRS can.


bradley said...

Big mike again has expanded , in an entertaining post, the irony and inconsistency of this administration , who's decisions are based on the election, period!

Big Mike said...

Thank you brother!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe this is exactly what is happening. Listening to Mark Levin past cpl of days, as his lawfirm has been working against this. It's a miserable mess. America hanging by a tiny string. I'm sickened.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Yes Austin K, that is why we must get this election in November right. America's exceptionalism and freedoms hang in the balance if we mess this up.