Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Weeks To Go Texas Patriots-Choose Cruz

Only two weeks Texas patriots!   The runoff between constitutional conservative Ted Cruz and moderate David Dewhurst will be on July 31, 2012.        Remember the Obamacare ruling!

This is a re post from July 9, 2012 with updates and a great new Ted Cruz ad.

When the Supreme Court's disappointing ruling came out on Obamacare, tea party conservatives [and all conservatives] were stunned.  It was like a kick in the gut.  In another post I said tea party activists can go one of two ways.  They could be so despondent over this ruling that they withdraw and aren't as active.  Or, and I believe that this is the way almost all tea party activists will go, they will become fired up in a renewed way.  From this day until election day in November we will see a new strong tea party effort to make sure this ruling will not stand. The only way for that to happen is to elect a strong conservative senate to go along with a conservative Republican house and to elect Mitt Romney as president.

But the elections in November won't be the first time for tea party conservatives to express their anger.  It also won't be the first time for the tea parties to prove their electoral prowess. There is a runoff election in Texas for the US Senate between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst.  There is a clear distinction here.  Ted Cruz is the overwhelming tea party favorite.  Ted Cruz, unlike David Dewhurst, won't just vote the right way in important fiscal matters, but he will be pro active, fighting for the conservative position.  That will be especially important in the battle to repeal Obamacare. That is one reason why strong influential conservatives like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Jay Sekulow, Dr. James Dobson, Senator Pat Toomey and many, many more have all supported Ted Cruz's campaign for the US Senate.  Is there another candidate anywhere with all those influential conservative supporters?  I am not calling David Dewhurst a bad man or a liberal.  But he certainly is not as conservative as the younger Ted Cruz and his tendency is for compromising moderation as opposed to the fighter for conservative constitutional principles that Ted Cruz is.

So, the runoff election in Texas for the US Senate may be the first clear test on what effect the Obamacare ruling will have in the upcoming election in November.  This will be the first time for the tea party activists to express their anger over the Obamacare ruling and show their determination to overturn that ruling with their votes.  When Ted Cruz wins this runoff, coming from at one point thirty points behind David Dewhurst, a strong shock wave message will be heard throughout the country of what is to come in November.  This will prove the Supreme Court ruling has awakened a sleeping giant that will ignite a conservative tidal wave in November.   I understand James Carville has opined that the tea party is over.  Well, I believe we will see they are alive and well in about one month from today.  Tea party conservatives from around the nation will donate to the Ted Cruz campaign and tea party activists in Texas will rise up to elect Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee for the US Senate from Texas.

Barack Obama won the battle with that ruling, but conservative Republicans will win the war. It will first be shown in Texas with the victory by Ted Cruz on July 31, and then in November when Americans throw this administration out.

For that, the ruling may have been a blessing in disguise.
Even if you don't live in Texas, you can join with conservatives in Texas by donating to the Ted Cruz campaign.    I know many of you are still upset and angry about the poor ruling from the Supreme Court on Obamacare. The first step in releasing that anger is to join the Cruz crew.  Then watch the returns from Texas on July 31 as Texans and Americans with their donations from all over America show that the conservative sleeping giant has awoken as Texans "choose Cruz".
Update:  Internal Polling shows Ted Cruz leading David Dewhurst 49%-40%.   This is even bigger than it shows as Dewhurst while not officially the incumbent is definitely considered the establishment candidate. So, usually, those undecided or just not answering the poll at this time will tend to go more for the anti establishment candidate at election time.   Tales predicted, even when Cruz was far behind,  that Ted Cruz would make the runoff and that his strong tea party support would carry him to a big win in the runoff.  Tales is sticking with that prediction of a double digit win.
Update #2: Now two new independent polls also show Ted Cruz in the lead.    In a PPP poll Ted Cruz leads 49-44%.  But this poll is even better than that.  In Republicans who say they are very excited about voting in the runoff, Cruz leads by a whopping 59-36%.   Also, a poll done by Ohio based Wenzell Strategies shows Cruz up 47-38%.   With Ted Cruz own internal polling, it is obvious Cruz has not only come from way behind to take the lead but he has momentum on his side. He could win this big.  That doesn't mean we can let up or be overconfident. Ted Cruz supporters must keep the heat on until election day.
What is amazing is that Ted Cruz has come from behind to pull ahead with strategic, holding back his spending on campaign ads, until this last Saturday.  Now he is coming on strong with some great campaign ads to counteract a truly vicious campaign from the Dewhurst side, who has been using Chicago style thug ads lying about Ted Cruz.  They haven't worked.  Now Ted Cruz is coming out with a big ad drive to seal the deal.   Here is one of those ads from the Ted Cruz campaign:

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