Friday, July 13, 2012

Tipping Point Speech of The Presidential Campaign

On Wednesday, Mitt Romney was in Houston to speak before the NAACP convention.  I have always been for Mitt Romney [or for any of the GOP candidates who would have gotten the GOP nomination] because I know how critically important for our nation's future and for our children's future that we go in a new direction with a new president.  I realize Barack Obama must be defeated.   After Mitt Romney's home run speech, I am now for Mitt Romney because I really can see him being a great president.  Yes, Barack Obama must be defeated.  Now, after Mitt's game changer speech, I can say confidently and proudly that Mitt Romney must be elected.

Mitt Romney was so relaxed, so confident and so presidential in this speech, it was like he is already the president of the United States.  And he was doing this, in what certainly must be described, in an unfriendly environment.  Barack Obama received 95% of the black vote in 2008. The NAACP is certainly Obama country. With all that, Mitt Romney went to the convention not just asking for their votes, but laying out the reason why he would be better for the black community than Barack Obama has been. That took guts, in my opinion. Mitt said that if the people attending the convention knew his heart, he is confident that he could win over their votes.  Also, and more importantly, Romney [unlike this most divisive president in history] said he knew that when he was president he would be representing all the people of the United States and not just the people that voted for him. That, he said, is why it was important to address the black community and attend the NAACP convention.

What was so encouraging to me is that Mitt Romney showed total respect to this organization [that he knew is almost totally for his opponent] and he did this without one ounce of pandering.  When have you ever seen that before.  Romney gives much of the same speech to all audiences. He doesn't change his message pending on who the people in the audience will be.   I really appreciate that.

I was so proud of Mitt Romney after this speech. I was so encouraged about his campaign after this speech. And I am so confident that Mitt Romney will be a great president after this speech.  To me, this is the tipping point speech of the presidential campaign. I just feel in my gut that this will be the speech that will turn those independents who are uneasy with continuing with Obama, but unsure of Romney, into Romney's camp. In other words, I feel this speech has just won Mitt Romney the election.

Please, I am asking all of you [especially to those of you who may not be fans of Mitt Romney] to view this speech and view it with a totally open mind.  I think you will see like me a man who is very presidential.  Dare I say, more presidential than when the current occupant of the white house speaks?

The main stream media will not show you this whole speech as they will only the show you the two times Mitt Romney got booed.  Two times in a 23 minute speech. The reason, I believe they won't show you other parts of the speech is because they also know this is a game changer speech. They are protecting their man.
Hopefully, their dishonest reporting won't work.

If you don't have time to view the whole speech than I am asking you to at least look at the first 5 minutes. Thank you!

Mitt Romney, the next president of the United States, addresses the NAACP convention in Houston, July 11, 2012:


bradley said...

Very honest and presidential---- watch the first AND the last 5 minutes if limited time and you will see the opposite of Obama--- a man who is fair, confident, not angry, not hypocritical and thank god not Obama!

Big Mike said...

Good suggestion Brad, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good piece Michael. The days are speeding by and so much going down everyday around the world. Working on my end to point out the critical situation or turning point if Obama has 4 more years. We will know in less than 4months and still I fear will face much work. Nothing is going to stop the world from coming unglued. But the United States is the last hope of slowing that down.
Krissy in ATX

Joel said...

It has just been despicable how the Democrats have tried to spin this as a Romney appealing to his base speech. You are so correct--it was presidential, courageous, and honest!

Big Mike said...

I really fear, like you said Krissy, not just for America but for the world if Obama gets another 4years. We cannot let that happen!
Thanks Krissy from Austin! :-))

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel for your comments!!