Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Tuesday, That Means in Texas It's CruzDay

Today is the time patriots in Texas to vote for Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination for US Senator.
I am predicting a double digit win which will send shock waves throughout the country as it will show that the tea party is alive, well and energized.

One person who may have awoken the tea party, with unintended consequences, was Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.  His questionable ruling on Obama care let the people know, especially the tea party people, that we can no longer rely on the courts to bail us out. That ruling has awoken and energized conservatives, not only in Texas but around the nation.   Texas will be the canary in the coal mine, predictive of a huge energized conservative uprising in November that will bring down this administration.

It's CruzDay, Texans!   Join the conservative wave and vote for Ted Cruz in the GOP runoff.  Then watch the results as Cruz shocks the world...or at least the liberal media.

Go Ted Cruz!

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