Friday, July 27, 2012

Enough Already With: "He's A Nice Guy"

Am I the only one who gets sick when I hear our [GOP] spokesman when talking about  President Obama's bad policy's, qualify that with: "but he's a nice guy" or "he's a likable guy".   Why is that description, many times, added when talking about president Obama?   Let's pull the curtain back and face reality.  The reason that is done is because of fear.  Fear that, because Barack Obama is black, people might think that any criticism of his policies is criticism of the man because he is black. So 'he's a nice guy' is added to let people know they are not criticizing president Obama because he's black, they are only criticizing his policies. You almost never hear anyone criticize a white politician's policies, but then add, "he's a nice guy."    So, when you think about it, to add that description when talking about president Obama is kind of condescending.

Another reason I have heard that this is done is because we don't want to turn off independents.  It is stated that the polls show that people like president Obama and think he is a nice guy.  I wonder why they think that?  Could one reason be because our side keeps saying what a great guy he is?  Why wouldn't the polls show that? 

I wish this would stop, not because I think it is condescending or because it is done out of fear.  I wish this would stop because I don't think it is true.  Is someone who allows his campaign to accuse Romney of being a felon, a nice guy?  Is someone who says that Republicans want kids with Down syndrome to fend for themselves, a nice guy?  Is a man who let the Prime Minister of Israel stew in his seat while he went away to have dinner, a nice guy? Is someone who says successful businessmen in this country didn't become successful on their own [and then goes on to mock that they may be smart or work hard], a nice guy?  Is someone that tells Hispanics to punish their "enemies" in the voting booth, a nice guy?  Is someone who says Republicans can sit in the back, a nice guy?  Is someone who invites a congressman [Paul Ryan] to one of his speeches and then castigates that congressman's plan in a demagogic way, a nice guy? Is someone who, time and again and again, tries to divide this country by groups, pitting one group against another for political gain, a nice guy?

Is the bar set so low, that because Barack Obama is married and has two adorable children, that makes him a nice guy.  So, let's see, could Hugo Chavez be called a nice guy if he is married and has good children? How about Fidel Castro?  You might hate his policies, but boy is he sure a nice guy. How about Ahmadinejad?  Is he a nice guy?

Okay, you might say that's not fair to compare president Obama to these bad [and I would say evil] leaders/dictators of a foreign country.  Well let's look at people in this country who are married and or have children.   Louis Farrakhan, is he a nice guy?  Well, the president you say is a nice guy  thinks he is a good guy.  Reverend Wright...a nice guy?  Well, the president you say is a nice guy has called him a good man, a great man, a man he could no longer disown then his own grandmother.  How about Bill Ayers?  So, he blew up a couple of buildings in terrorist attacks in the 60's, but he has a wife he's been married to for a long time. Does that make him a nice guy?  Well, the president who you are calling a nice guy started his political career in that man's home.

Maybe I'm alone on this and I will get criticized for not seeing what a nice guy he is.  But I do not think president Barack Obama is a nice guy and I wish Republicans would stop saying that.

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