Monday, July 23, 2012

#44 At The Bat

Hat Tip: My older brother Sandy from Houston, a great American and a great patriot, introduced me to this video from PJTV media from 2010.

This video is hilarious and an ingenious use of the epic baseball poem "Casey at the bat" written by Ernest Thayer.

This video is from a couple of years ago when the Dems controlled congress. While a satire, there is a lot of truth sprinkled in this video. It would also be a predictor of the congressional elections in November of 2010, when president Obama's influence to help sway the election for the Democrats was a disaster. You could say like in this video, there was no joy from the Dems in congress, as president Obama had struck out.

Now we can only hope in the upcoming presidential election this November, once again, mighty president Barack Hussein Obama will strike out to Mitt Romney.

Obama at the bat:

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