Friday, June 29, 2012

Will The Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling Force Romney to Look Anew At His VP Choice?

Maybe I should have counted to ten before writing this post.  Being still upset, angry, stunned at the mind boggling health care ruling from the Supreme Court, thanks [or better yet, no thanks] to Chief Justice John Roberts, it may be clouding my opinion.

I believe I am not the only conservative with those feelings of frustration out of the Supreme Court decision. I believe there are especially a large portion, if not almost all, tea party people who feel the same way I do.  The tea party did not spring from Obamacare, but Obamacare was what really brought the tea party into prominence, with the town hall meetings they had with congressman and senators from all over the country.  Obamacare helped the tea party leap in membership and it really ignited their passion.  So, with this decision today, one of two things can happen with tea party members. They can become despondent and withdraw from political activity [a "what's the use" feeling].  Or they can become fired up even more than ever to make sure strong patriotic conservatives are elected to the house and senate and to deny president Obama a second term.

I believe the overwhelming majority of tea party members, after this understandable frustration, will be determined to be more fired up than ever.  Mitt Romney can stoke those fires with a good vice president choice. That's why, I believe, this decision will force him to choose someone, maybe different than his first choice.  I believe it is a must that Mitt Romney now choose a strong tea party favorite, someone like a Marco Rubio, or Bobby Jindal or Nikki Haley or Paul Ryan.  He needs to use the momentum that the tea party can give him with an exciting VP choice.  I really believe Romney was starting to settle on a Rob Portman of Ohio or a Bob McDonnell of Virginia.  While those are fine gentlemen, moderate to conservative safe choices, I am just afraid they will be a disappointment to tea party members.   They just have been kicked in the gut by this unbelievable decision by Roberts and the Supreme Court, they don't want to be let down again by, what my be a safe, but weak VP choice. I really believe a Bob McDonnell or a Rob Portman could dampen some of their spirits.

Because of this surprise ruling, I think the dynamic of the election has changed. This election is not just about the economy now.  Obamacare will now be right there with the economy as the issues that will determine this election.  If Obamacare was thrown out, Obama would well be on his way out too.  Now Mitt Romney is really going to have to get an overwhelming strong showing from his base to win.  His vice presidential choice, if made correctly, could be crucial to energizing his base in an overwhelming way that cannot be matched by Obama's base.

Like I said, I am doing this post in the aftermath of a big letdown Supreme Court decision, so I may write a different post in a couple of days.   But I think this ruling has to change Romney's thinking on his vice presidential choice.  I think he can and must capitalize on the tea party anger by starting his choice with Marco Rubio.

If you think I am all wet, please feel free to express that opinion. 
Update:  My wife, the fetching Mrs. B,  is starting to say I look like I have water over me   She says if conservatives aren't energized already, and especially after this decision, then they are not real conservatives.
She says the VP candidate shouldn't make any difference.  My wife is smart and has a good point.  I may have to start writing another post contradicting this one, soon.   :-)


bradley said...

With the disappearance of bush tax cuts, new health care taxes, and forcing young people who choose not to have health insurance to now do so, the economy is about to get hit with a shock that will be devastating . I believe this wil energize all those who may have been complacent, but Obama is a sly and conniving politician --- he won this battle, hist next will be to further divide the country with the race card. this now makes the election a do or die for freedom and preservation of the American dream-- I am very worried that he will find a way to steal our future by stealing the election!

Big Mike said...

Bradley, I heard tonight Dick Morris say this ruling has awakened a sleeping giant. While Obama has indeed won this battle, this ruling will almost guarantee that he will lose the war. In that sense, this ruling may be a blessing in disguise. Obamacare will now be front and center a major issue [along with the economy]in November. There is a clear choice. That choice will be Obama's undoing now,no matter what the economy does in the next few months. Thanks again big Brad for your clear thinking voice.

Joel said...

Bradley, you are very wise! Although base may be energized, we all should take nothing for granted. (I am worried about some type of voter fraud at polls.) Big Mike, while I agree with Sheralyn to a certain extent, I agree that a Portman or Pawlenty would be a big yawn. I am leaning toward Paul Ryan now, as he knows Obamacare cold and is a quality guy. Rubio would be good, too, but maybe more experience would be good for him? Thanks for your thoughts!

Big Mike said...

Great comments Joel!! Especially with agreeing with me over Sheralyn. :-)))
Thanks Joel!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your wife about Conservatives. But our nation is hanging by a tiny string. Finally I sent Romney $ yesterday. I am totally behind him. But I pray he selects Rubio or someone to give us even more reason. He has such passion and love for this country and says it like it is. 30% of Christians are not registered to vote & 14% think they are registered but are not. We must reach out and make sure our like minded Conservative friends register and get to the booth. Portman is so dull I shudder. A career politician. My goodness, how can you energize a young voter to get out there when it's an old dud? Nuf said. LOL I already typed out a comment & lost it, so I guess this comment will have to do. LOL
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Krissy, think basically we are all in agreement. The true patriotic conservatives are energized no matter what but we want Romney to pick a running mate that will energize everyone.. Not just those that are politically attuned. We just don't want to be let down again. I thought a day after the decision I would be more calm. But I believe I am angrier and more energized than yesterday. This feeling may not go away until we defeat BHO. Thanks as usual Austin!!! :-))