Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Do Reverend Jeremiah Wright and National Security Leaks Have in Common?

Barack Obama and his family spent almost twenty years in the church of the vile, anti capitalist, anti Israel, bigoted Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  He never was outraged at Wright's statements or foul mouthed language.  In fact, Barack Obama in his, so called, speech on race in Philadelphia said he "could no more disown Reverend Wright than his own grandmother".  Some kool aid Obama drinkers tried to say Obama missed all the times in church when Rev Wright used his offensive language. No rational human being could actually believe that, but even if you do, how do you explain his Philadelphia speech.  He surely knew by then Rev Wright's words of "--- Damn America" and "The chickens have come home to roost".  But even knowing those words then, Obama still was in praise of Rev Wright [comparing him to his grandmother].  It was only when Wright kept talking, in spite of Barack Obama's wishes, did Obama become angry.  In his statement, senator Obama said [from Newsweek]: "... characterized his former pastor's speaking tour as "a show of disrespect to me [and] an insult to what we're trying to do in this campaign." So, even when Barack Obama finally threw Reverend Wright under the bus, it was because Wright was insulting Obama by continuing to talk and not "respect" Obama [i.e., he was hurting his chances at winning the election]. Obama never showed outrage at Wright's disrespect of America and Americans. He only showed outrage when Wright disrespected him.           Think about that.

This last week we have had serious and dangerous national security leaks printed in the New York Times [information that only people in the administration would know].  Did president Obama or someone for the administration ask the NY Times not to publish those leaks [like happened without results during the Bush administration]? No, at least that has not been mentioned by anyone. When the leaks came out did we have president Obama give a statement of outrage over those leaks?   No.  It was only when a question at a news conference asking if someone in the administration was responsible for those leaks did the president say he "was offended."  Not offended about the leaks themselves, not offended that the national security of the United States may have been compromised, but only offended because someone would dare accuse someone in his administration of the leaks.  Again, information that may have harmed the United States of America didn't phase the president. Only when information that may have harmed him [his re-election campaign] did Obama seem outraged.

Does anyone see a pattern with this guy?  A mentor and friend of Barack Obama can dis America in the most vile language, but it doesn't seem to phase him. The national security of this country can be severely compromised with leaks to the New York Times, but it doesn't seem to phase Barack Obama.

So, what do Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the national security leaks have in common?  They prove it is "all about Barack".    Hurting America with words or leaks may not move this guy, but don't you dare imply some weakness in his own character.  Then, and only then, will you get outrage.

And at that, I am outraged!


bradley said...

Powerful post big mike and i totally agree---this president has shown himself to be the most narcissistic, self centered, selfish man ever tin OUR white house!

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Brad!

Anonymous said...

Obama is the definition of narcissistic! At least Carter didn't hate America. His new ad for the black community makes my stomach turn. He has enslaved a whole community.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Amen Austin Krissy! Thanks for your comments!